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Two Food Diary Apps Recommended by Ambition

I have just noticed from the news reports that the meteorological office is predicting three months of sunshine. Having worked in this field for more years than I care to remember, I can tell you with confidence that warm, fine weather really seems to be the best environment for making significant changes such as those required to succeed in fat loss and improved health and fitness.

If you've embarked on your journey to a happier, healthier you, then you could well be interested in a couple of apps that we use to help our clients establish an accurate record of what they eat - and also, most importantly, to record the macronutrient content and micronutrient content of what they eat.

Macronutrients? Micronutrients?

A simple explanation is that:

Differences between the apps and our advice

Hopefully you will already have heard from your GP (or soon will if you're working with us) that we do not and should not fear fat - by this I mean good quality fat from grass-fed animals and from things like olive oil.

So, when using either of these two apps, the macronutrient percentage levels that they recommend (i.e. how much fat and how much carbohydrate you should eat) will be markedly different from the advice we at Ambition will give you.

Whilst we stress that everyone is different and the 'general rule' may not work for everyone, one hard fact that almost never changes is that everyone I have ever met who is fat and/or is suffering from diabetes or any other symptom of metabolic syndrome is that they are always eating too much carbohydrate. When their carbohydrate intake is reduced they always lose weight.

So how much carbohydrate should I eat?

For those who need to lose fat we recommend eating between 50-100 grams of carbohydrate a day. If you eat more than this and you're not doing endless exercise (not sensible) you may well put weight on. On the other hand, it you eat less than 50 grams a day you will accelerate fat loss and probably go into ketosis. We'll have more information about that in further posts.

Below is a screen shot example of my breakfast today. You can clearly see that I had two boiled eggs, some blueberries, crème fraiche and a filter coffee. In total this amounted to 335 calories, including a macronutrient profile of 16 grams of carbohydrate, 24 grams of fat and 16 grams of protein. An excellent fat loss breakfast, it is low carb, high fat and medium protein.

MyFitnessPal - assessment


A well as being able to use this on a Mac or a PC you can also download it to an iPhone. We find it really easy to use, and it can also connect into other apps like 'Map my Ride or 'Map my Walk' so that you can link up any activities that you may do and the calorie expenditure is taken into consideration. Of course, all this is based upon estimates, but it can be a great aid to motivation. For more information and to download - MyFitnessPal.


For those of you are more patient and have a bit more time on your hands this is another really good way to record your food diary. It is a bit harder to use, but we find that it does tend to match our macronutrient profile ratios a lot more accurately. So, it may be a good exercise to use this two to three times to see of you are on track with the ratios of fat, carbohydrate and protein that we recommend. For more information and to download - PaleoTrack.

Jeff says: Every person that works with us receives a diet plan tailored specifically to them, but if we had to generalise we'd say this: we tend to recommend that people of Northern European descent eat more fat and a heck of a lot less carbohydrate than they have eaten in the past.

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