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US Government Advised that Cholesterol, Saturated Fat & Salt Healthy

In what is probably the most important change in dietary advice in the last forty or fifty years, the US Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has presented its 2015 report to the US government.

Their findings and recommendations are almost certain to go on to form official US Dietary Guidelines. The entire report is massive but here are some of the important highlights.

Cholesterol is healthy

Cholesterol is to be dropped from the 'nutrients of concern' list. So go ahead and eat eggs freely.

Saturated fat is healthy

Saturated fat will be 'de-emphasized' from nutrients of concern, given the lack of evidence connecting it with cardiovascular disease. So eat good quality saturated fat - BUT not with large amounts of carbohydrate or sugar.

Salt is healthy

There is concern over blanket sodium (salt) restriction given the "growing body of research suggesting that the low sodium (salt) intake levels recommended by the DGAC (Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee) are actually associated with increased death for healthy individuals". So, unless you're salt sensitive, you can sprinkle salt on food.

Sugar is unhealthy

The report states that "the evidence is strongest that a reduction in the intake of added sugars will improve the health of the American public" and that the "identification and recognition of the specific health risks posed by added sugars represents an important step forward for public health". Reduce or eliminate sugar, it’s a killer.

We told you so!

As many of you know, at Ambition we have been highlighting the health dangers of a low fat, high carbohydrate diet for many years. There has always been plenty of evidence to support our views, from scientific papers to the experiences of our own clients.

This is a real cause for celebration - but what about the poor people have died, or those who are ill and continue to suffer because of the nonsense spouted by official so-called 'health' organisations in the UK since the late 1970s?

Jeff says: now that the US government has been advised by its official researchers in such uncertain terms, how long will it take for the UK government to also fall into line with the evidence?

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