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Health & Fitness Blog: August 2013

Myth: 'Five a Day' of Fruit and Vegetables will help you lose weight

Probably the best known and most widely promoted nutrition message of the modern age - yet it has no scientific basis when it comes to weight loss! read more

Added on 26.08.2013

The Stationary Lunge or Split Squat Exercise

The lunge is not really one but an extensive group of exercises, which together make up the best exercise group for the leg and hip complex by a mile. read more

Added on 19.08.2013

Myth: Cholesterol is bad for you and will kill you

Cholesterol has been demonised but it is, in fact, so important to our bodies that we would not be able to function or even live without it! read more

Added on 12.08.2013

The Door Frame Pull Up

How do you do pull-ups without special equipment in the gym, or at the very least a pull-up bar screwed into your doorway at home? read more

Added on 05.08.2013
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