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Health & Fitness Blog: January 2014

Thoughts on Horizon's 'Sugar v Fat' TV Programme

Although the programme concluded that processed foods are dangerous, there was much said about sugar and fat that was exasperating to sit through. read more

Added on 31.01.2014

What's Better for Fat Loss - Cardio or Resistance Training?

Studies have shown that resistance training is the best way to burn fat; however for best results you combine it with correct diet. read more

Added on 20.01.2014

How to do Pike Push Ups

A great exercise on its own for the shoulders, core and spine/pelvic/hip region, but also a preparatory exercise for performing handstand pushups. read more

Added on 13.01.2014

Can three minutes of exercise a week get you fit?

Perhaps, but probably not as fit as you'd get if you did six minutes instead! We take a look at the 'next big thing' in the fitness industry, HIT. read more

Added on 06.01.2014
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