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Health & Fitness Blog: July 2013

What to look for in a Personal Trainer

My requirements as an employer are also what you as a client or patient should be looking for when considering whether or not to work with a trainer. read more

Added on 29.07.2013

Myth: A 3,500 calorie reduction results in the loss of a pound of fat

It's time to rediscover a simple truth that we've known for nearly 100 years; approaching weight loss from a 'calorie deficit' viewpoint is just nuts! read more

Added on 22.07.2013

Myth: 3,500 calories is equivalent to a pound of fat

You'll find this statement in government leaflets, nearly every diet book written, and countless websites. You WON'T find a scientific explanation! read more

Added on 15.07.2013

Myth: People gain weight because they take in too many calories

Whilst we can't completely ignore calorific intake, the truth is that we gain weight when we store a certain type of fat in our bodies. read more

Added on 08.07.2013

A gluten-free diet stops my mother's intestinal problems and arthritis

I've been fighting the good fight against grains (particularly those containing gluten) for years, so I have to share my mother's good news with you. read more

Added on 05.07.2013

Myth: Less food and more activity will make you lose weight

It's pretty much ingrained in our consciousness that in order to lose weight a person must eat less and/or exercise more. It's not quite that simple! read more

Added on 01.07.2013
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