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Health & Fitness Blog: May 2014

Exercise helps keep your mind active and alert - at any age

As long as you provide the right stimulus for your brain, neurogenesis (brain cell creation) will continue pretty much as long as you are alive. read more

Added on 26.05.2014

Top 10 Damaging Nutrition Myths

There's so much misleading, bad, and downright wrong advice out there on diet - and you'll get it from the media, from our government and even from health professionals. Here's ten things you've probably been told at some point - and all of them are myths that are harming people's health. Please read, and share with as many people as you can. 

Added on 23.05.2014

Short-Term Detox Diets are, at best, ineffective

Don't detox. The principles of AD (alternative detox) make no sense from a scientific perspective and there is no clinical evidence to support them. read more

Added on 19.05.2014

Is food packaging dangerous?

These days, almost all food and drink comes packaged in metal or plastic. Does this pose any health risks? We look at the available evidence. read more

Added on 17.05.2014
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