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Health & Fitness Blog: November 2012

The Almost Effortless Exercise System

Want a system where you can train little and often and don't become exhausted, sweaty or sore during the session or afterwards? Read on! read more

Added on 15.11.2012

The Back Pain Workout

According to the Health and Safety Executive, back pain is a particular bane of workers doing manual labour, delivery work, repetitive tasks such as packing, and those in sedentary roles. As our economy is increasingly dominated by financial and other services, burgeoning numbers of white-collar workers fall into the latter category. And back pain is the inevitable consequence, with eight out of 10 Britons hit by a dodgy back at some point.

Spotted on The Independent.

Added on 14.11.2012

The Squat: Neglected and Misunderstood

The squat is one of the 'big seven' exercises. So why is it that so few people perform it correctly or even use it at all? Video tutorial included. read more

Added on 07.11.2012

Statins not the wonderdrug we were led to believe...

A few years ago many people would never have heard of statins. Now more than five million Britons take the cholesterol-lowering drugs every day to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

But do they actually work for many of us? A new study has raised serious questions about whether they do - meanwhile, other new evidence has linked statins with severe depression and suicide.

Spotted on The Daily Mail

Added on 07.11.2012
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