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Health & Fitness Blog: October 2013

Myth: The rise in obesity levels is due to people exercising less

It's a popular misconception that people who are overweight are just lazy and need to exercise more. This, unfortunately, is not the whole story. read more

Added on 28.10.2013

Myth: It's better to eat little and often to top up blood sugar

A popular diet mantra is to eat little and often - or 'graze'. This is extremely unlikely to help with fat loss, and could carry other health risks. read more

Added on 21.10.2013

Lower Body Rotations

Lower Body Rotations can be done anywhere you have a flat surface. An explanation of this great exercise and a video showing the correct technique. read more

Added on 14.10.2013

Myth: Fat clogs arteries, and meat is full of saturated fat

You must have heard that fat clogs arteries; unfortunately it's just not true. Learn how fat (and cholesterol) have been found guilty by association. read more

Added on 07.10.2013
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