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Cholesterol and Blood Tests

Some important information about cholesterol, the role it plays in our bodies, and the blood tests you should ask for rather than the inaccurate 'total cholesterol' readings that most people will receive.

Added on 11.09.2014

Myth: Cholesterol is bad for you and will kill you

Cholesterol has been demonised but it is, in fact, so important to our bodies that we would not be able to function or even live without it! read more

Added on 12.08.2013

Statins not the wonderdrug we were led to believe...

A few years ago many people would never have heard of statins. Now more than five million Britons take the cholesterol-lowering drugs every day to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

But do they actually work for many of us? A new study has raised serious questions about whether they do - meanwhile, other new evidence has linked statins with severe depression and suicide.

Spotted on The Daily Mail

Added on 07.11.2012
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