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Exercise may improve cognitive function in children too

There's a growing body of evidence that indicates that raised activity levels improves all sorts of brain functions in children as well as adults. read more

Added on 02.06.2014

Exercise helps keep your mind active and alert - at any age

As long as you provide the right stimulus for your brain, neurogenesis (brain cell creation) will continue pretty much as long as you are alive. read more

Added on 26.05.2014

Can three minutes of exercise a week get you fit?

Perhaps, but probably not as fit as you'd get if you did six minutes instead! We take a look at the 'next big thing' in the fitness industry, HIT. read more

Added on 06.01.2014

What to look for in a Personal Trainer

My requirements as an employer are also what you as a client or patient should be looking for when considering whether or not to work with a trainer. read more

Added on 29.07.2013

Andrew Marr and High Intensity Training (Tabatas)

Andrew Marr's near-catastrophe using High Intensity Training should serve as a wake up call to the fitness industry, the health press and the public. read more

Added on 29.04.2013

Vibram 5-Finger Shoes and the Art of Moving Barefoot

We've noticed real improvements in clients performing leg and other exercises using these; so let's start walking, training and moving barefoot again! read more

Added on 01.04.2013

Four Great Reasons to have a Personal Trainer

When exercising on your own it's easy to lose focus and not see results. Having a personal trainer will get you there faster, and here's why. read more

Added on 25.03.2013
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