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Could Too Many Fruit Smoothies Kill You?

Wild claim? We analysed one gentleman's diet after a heart attack: just under half his huge 400g/day carbohydrate intake came from just two smoothies. read more

Added on 20.05.2015

What is Sugar?

This question seems to confuse many health professionals and members of the public alike. Here's a quick guide to sugar in all its forms. read more

Added on 15.10.2014

Thoughts on Horizon's 'Sugar v Fat' TV Programme

Although the programme concluded that processed foods are dangerous, there was much said about sugar and fat that was exasperating to sit through. read more

Added on 31.01.2014

The History of Sugar - part 4 of 4

We are hard-wired by evolution to be pre-disposed to sugary foods. It's a rather cruel joke that what kept us alive before is killing us nowadays! read more

Added on 17.12.2013

The History of Sugar - part 3 of 4

In the 19th & 20th Centuries the amount of sugar in our diet increased dramatically, and this has led to the present obesity and diabetes epidemics. read more

Added on 10.12.2013

The History of Sugar - part 2 of 4

The earliest UK warning about too much sugar dates from 1684, yet by the 19th Century we were consuming more than ever. How and why did this happen? read more

Added on 03.12.2013

The History of Sugar - part 1 of 4

In this article in four parts, we'll look at the history of sugar, exactly how recent a part of our diet it is, and the risks to health it poses. read more

Added on 26.11.2013

EU Ruling on Fructose Opens Door to Misleading Health Claims

A new EU ruling means food and drink manufacturers will be able to claim their products are healthier if they use fructose instead of glucose. Beware! read more

Added on 05.11.2013
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