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Cholesterol and Saturated Fat is Healthy!

In the world of health there have been some seismic shifts recently. Cholesterol in food has been un-demonised and saturated fat - at long last - gets to throw off the villain's robes. At Ambition we have been saying this with confidence for over five years.

How long will it take this information to get through to be part of mainstream health advice - the NHS and GPs? It could take another five years! We will keep spreading the word and telling anyone who will listen, and introducing them to the secret of how to have a healthy, fit and - fingers crossed - illness-free life.

Here are a few words from our friend Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist, Trustee of the Kings Fund and also a leading light in group Action against Sugar.

Added on 11.09.2015

US Government Advised that Cholesterol, Saturated Fat & Salt Healthy

In perhaps the most important change in official dietary advice for 40-50 years, the US Academy of Nutrition and Diet has presented its 2015 report. read more

Added on 26.05.2015

Two Food Diary Apps Recommended by Ambition

We use two apps to help our clients establish an accurate record of what they eat and its macronutrient and micronutrient content. read more

Added on 22.04.2015

Dr Wood speaks at first UK Paleo Conference

Last weekend our resident GP Tommy Wood spoke at the UK's first Paleo conference, Health Unplugged. The conference was a great success, with talks from Aseem Malhotra, Terry Wahls and Robb Wolf. It's gratifying to see that there is a large and growing interest in people that work with paleo/primal principles! Watch Tommy's talk here:

Added on 04.11.2014

Is food packaging dangerous?

These days, almost all food and drink comes packaged in metal or plastic. Does this pose any health risks? We look at the available evidence. read more

Added on 17.05.2014

Foods to be Wary of: Dairy

The data on dairy may not be all in yet, but what we know is already enough to raise concerns. Our advice would be to limit your dairy intake. read more

Added on 14.04.2014

An Alternative to Caffeine and Fast Food to deal with Stress

Always stressed, tired and irritable? An integrated fat loss and exercise program is the way back to a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. read more

Added on 24.06.2013

The '6 Pillars' of Health and Fitness

In 23 years, I have found that unless we involve all these '6 Pillars of Health' in a health and fitness plan then we will see only limited success. read more

Added on 09.10.2012

Everything in Moderation?

I have lost count of the times that I have had a client tell me in their consultation or assessment that they 'take everything in moderation'. read more

Added on 27.09.2012
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