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Body Mass Index: a Poor Indicator of Health

The 'gold standard' of health measurement leaves a lot to be desired. Please don't rely on this to tell you if you need to change your life! read more

Added on 12.05.2015

It's Changing your Diet that helps you lose Weight

Earlier this year, the UK’s Academy of Medical Royal Colleges stated that 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week can be more powerful than many drugs administered for chronic disease prevention and management. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and some cancers by at least 30%. In fact, they described exercise as ‘The Miracle Cure’.

However, they've also pointed out that physical activity does not promote weight loss - something the fast food and snack industry doesn't want you to find out. At Ambition our opinion is that dietary and lifestyle changes can account for up to 80% of weight lost, with the right type of exercise (and please note, it must be the right type) providing the 'fine tuning' and the final 20%.

Obesity is not due to a lack of exercise, it is due mainly to a bad diet. A recent article in the Guardian highlights a new medical paper that makes this point well.

Added on 27.04.2015

Taking Control of Your Food Choices: part 4 of 4

There are practical simple solutions to all the problems modern life and the modern diet throws at us: diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. read more

Added on 17.03.2014

Taking Control of Your Food Choices: part 3 of 4

The science behind overeating - a twist of fate that sees the modern environment and modern diet working against mechanisms that helped our ancestors. read more

Added on 24.02.2014

Taking Control of Your Food Choices: part 2 of 4

A look at the food decision 'danger zones', and how to create an environment that helps us make the right choices in our day to day diet. read more

Added on 17.02.2014

Taking Control of Your Food Choices: part 1 of 4

How our body and brain work when it comes to decisions about food, problems with the modern diet related to this, and what we can do about it. read more

Added on 10.02.2014

What's Better for Fat Loss - Cardio or Resistance Training?

Studies have shown that resistance training is the best way to burn fat; however for best results you combine it with correct diet. read more

Added on 20.01.2014

Is Your 'Healthy' Eating Killing You?

Nowadays nearly two thirds of all adults are overweight and a quarter are obese. Bad official advice on what constitutes healthy diet isn't helping. read more

Added on 27.02.2013

Red Wine for Fat Loss?

During a month holiday one client lost 1.5 kilos. Was it a grain-free diet and regular exercise that did it, or did their favourite tipple help too? read more

Added on 11.10.2012
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