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How to do Pike Push Ups

A great exercise on its own for the shoulders, core and spine/pelvic/hip region, but also a preparatory exercise for performing handstand pushups. read more

Added on 13.01.2014

Lower Body Rotations

Lower Body Rotations can be done anywhere you have a flat surface. An explanation of this great exercise and a video showing the correct technique. read more

Added on 14.10.2013

One Arm Push Ups - advanced, but NOT impossible

One arm push ups speak of an advanced level of strength and technique, yet they are within your reach with the correct graduated exercise program. read more

Added on 02.09.2013

The Stationary Lunge or Split Squat Exercise

The lunge is not really one but an extensive group of exercises, which together make up the best exercise group for the leg and hip complex by a mile. read more

Added on 19.08.2013

The Door Frame Pull Up

How do you do pull-ups without special equipment in the gym, or at the very least a pull-up bar screwed into your doorway at home? read more

Added on 05.08.2013

The Squat: Neglected and Misunderstood

The squat is one of the 'big seven' exercises. So why is it that so few people perform it correctly or even use it at all? Video tutorial included. read more

Added on 07.11.2012

How to do Push Ups / Press Ups - correctly

One of the best exercises, the push up is part of the 'big seven' bodyweight exercise group. An explanation of this exercise and four video tutorials. read more

Added on 02.10.2012
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