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One to One Consultation with our Resident Doctor

Uniquely and exclusively to Ambition, you can now have a medical doctor to consult with directly about your diet, blood profiles (cholesterol, blood sugar etc), and your lifestyle - and receive a bespoke action plan to ensure health and peak performance in the future.

It is so confusing and worrying to be told that - for instance - your cholesterol is high; but what does this actually mean?

Most GPs making such a diagnosis will then prescribe medication.

But is your specific diagnosis significant enough to warrant taking medication that may induce side effects - or could you instead make dietary and lifestyle changes (all based on sound, up-to-date scientific evidence) that would solve the problem?

We are of the view that it is much better to take control of your health and be aware of the pros and cons of the health decisions that you make. Dr Thomas Wood is able to work with you in the following ways:

  • face to face appointments;
  • via telephone or Skype;
  • iPhone Face Time;
  • via email.
Dr Thomas Wood

About Thomas

BM (Oxford), BA (Cambridge, Natural Sciences & Biochemistry), BC

Thomas studied at Cambridge, and also graduated from Oxford University in 2011. He is currently working towards a PhD in neonatal brain metabolism at the University of Oslo, Norway.

He has particularly devoted himself to investigating how diet can affect MS and other chronic inflammatory diseases that are so destructive in the West. Our knowledge on the impact these diseases have at a cellular level is constantly growing, and Thomas is an advocate of 'systems dynamics' modelling to assimilate the latest findings and then investigate holistic solutions to these problems. As a result of this work, he has lectured internationally on the role that correct diet and nutrition have to play in combating chronic disease.

Thomas is an experienced rowing coach, and during his time at Oxford founded a circuit training club for other medical students, using bodyweight training and kettlebells to coach over 100 people. He still rows, runs and does strength/CrossFit training. During his time at both Cambridge and Oxford, he gradually became more and more interested in the role that nutrition has to play in physical performance, ditching the specially formulated athletic supplements that he used to take. He believes that a simpler approach and a properly-constituted diet will yield the best results.

A keen proponent of evidence-based medicine in all its forms, Thomas of course recognises the role that modern medicine can and does play in improving the lives of those who are ill, but is also of the view that sensible diet and sensible exercise should always form part of a package for the treatment of ANY systemic disease.

Thomas was a speaker at the UK's first Paleo conference, Health Unplugged. Watch his talk below:

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