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If you train you should come and see Annabelle. She is a highly skilled sports massage therapist; tight muscles, knots, lactic acid crystals, sprains, strains, injuries and pre and post-op recovery etc are no match for Annabelle. She's not only brilliant at her job she's kind, sympathetic and supportive, and always cheers me up when I'm suffering... I appreciate all the help and advice very much. I've been coming regularly and would recommend Annabelle to everyone - she will swiftly identify and treat any problem areas and advise you on after-care. You will find this essential to ensure you perform the best in your training and rehabilitate from any injuries. Thank you Annabelle and Ambition.


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Bowen Massage at our Central London Clinic

What is the Bowen Technique?

The Bowen Technique is a form of deep tissue massage that applies gentle rolling moves across the fascia (fibrous connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels and nerves) to stretch it and restore its full function.

Why is it necessary?

Problems with the fascia can occur at any age. Bad posture, a sports or training injury or an accident (such as a fall) can all cause the fascia to become stiff. 

Things that will heal themselves with fully functioning fascia become a painful problem that persists when the fascia is not doing its job. Once the fascia has been stretched and is back in its default position, the body’s self-healing mechanism takes over.

Muscles that are starved of nutrients begin to receive them, and potentially toxic built up of waste products are gently flushed away. Bowen massage switches on the body’s self-healing functions, helping the body to heal itself.

The dynamic relationship between muscle and nervous system

By challenging the muscle at the point where the nervous system innervates the muscle, messages are sent to the brain without giving the brain specific instruction. So the therapy uses the dynamic relationship between the muscle and nervous system.

For instance, if you are suffering from horrible cramp and tightness in the thigh, what we’d like to do is to send a signal into the muscle creating some tension and then allow the tension to be released. By breaking the pattern of tension we will ultimately set the muscle back into its resting frame.

You might have muscles that are being stretched too far; Bowen technique will help them contract back and relax in their normal position. Alternatively you might have tense muscles that are too far contracted; Bowen technique will help them relax.

Certified Bowen practitioners at Ambition Clinic

Annabelle Platon, Bowen Massage Therapist

Annabelle Platon, ECBS

Annabelle has first hand experience of the pain that mobility problems can cause, having undergone surgery on her spine and legs as a teenager. She is passionate about the benefits that skilful manipulation of the body can provide in all her clients, especially in those who need pain management and corrective exercise. 

Daiza Okada, Bowen Massage Therapist

Daiza Okada, ECBS

Daizia has a lifelong interest in massage as a tool to give people more energy, less stress and pain (especially when moving) and to help them lead happier, more mobile and longer lives!

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