Our clients say:

...with a new routine, customized for my personal situation, I was able to build core strength, flexibility, and improve my overall fitness. For the first time in years I saw a real change in my overall body (posture and muscle tone), and started to feel great about myself!

Jenny Billings

In just six months my training has got me to a level of fitness and strength which I have not achieved since my early 20s.

London Lawyer, 50s

Outline for Success

the right dietthe right exercise

The Ambition Health Clinic edge Other clinics An Ambition Health Clinic
VAT at 20% Investors' / therapists' VAT at 20% is lost VAT at 20% exempt
Convenient, suitable locations One or multi-room clinic at best, no studio space MULTI-ROOM clinic with studio space in retail location
'3 Stage Treatment Plans' for injury and pain / food, exercise and lifestyle Treatment appointments only - short term relationship MULTIPLE appointments of the '3 Stage Treatment Plans' - lifetime relationship
Health and medical outcomes Not measured MEASURED through re-assessment and essential blood lipid testing
Inviting, consumer-centric approach Sterile, cold, practitioner-focused APPROACHABLE, consumer/retail/customer-focused
Service Limited / inconsistent OPEN 6-7 DAYS, evenings and weekends


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