Our clients say:

All in all, I think it is a great clinic with excellent professionals who encourage, motivate and help you achieve your personal goals in a very friendly and positive manner.

Emilia Bairamova

I had never set foot in a gym until an annual health check in May 2010 marked me 1 out of 5 for each of flexibility, posture and strength. On the recommendation of a friend and determined to improve, I signed up with Ambition Fitness. In the May 2011 health check, I scored one 4 and two 5s out of 5. My stamina and general fitness have greatly improved. Cecile is very encouraging. She has gradually made the exercises more challenging; they are varied and never boring. I can now do things I never imagined I could do.

London Lady, 58

Outline for Success

the right dietthe right exercise

The Ambition Health Clinic edge Other clinics An Ambition Health Clinic
VAT at 20% Investors' / therapists' VAT at 20% is lost VAT at 20% exempt
Convenient, suitable locations One or multi-room clinic at best, no studio space MULTI-ROOM clinic with studio space in retail location
'3 Stage Treatment Plans' for injury and pain / food, exercise and lifestyle Treatment appointments only - short term relationship MULTIPLE appointments of the '3 Stage Treatment Plans' - lifetime relationship
Health and medical outcomes Not measured MEASURED through re-assessment and essential blood lipid testing
Inviting, consumer-centric approach Sterile, cold, practitioner-focused APPROACHABLE, consumer/retail/customer-focused
Service Limited / inconsistent OPEN 6-7 DAYS, evenings and weekends


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