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Our clients say:

I have worked with Sonia for a year now and the results are evident. Not only do I feel more fit, but I am more flexible with less aches and pains. I now sleep through the night without back pain. Her advice is useful not only during a session - but for life. I use her stretching techniques while travelling and seem to recover from jet lag much more quickly. Sonia has changed my life!

Jennifer Hill

Sonia is an excellent Pilates teacher. Her personal attention enables toning and strengthening whilst targeting specific problem areas. I always look forward to training with Sonia and feel the benefits long after.

Frederica Barclay

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Pilates SW1 / Westminster, Central London

I have always been very active, having played a number of sports to a very high standard. My focus has always been on strength and fitness and I realised after a couple of minor injuries that I had neglected some key principles. Working with Sonia was of course very different to working out in a gym or to any other training regime I had been involved in, but it has so far had a huge impact on everything that I do - from walking to the tube and avoiding recurring foot injuries to my posture at work and also in the gym. I have learnt things about my body that I never knew and I now wish I had known before. I thought her style of pilates would be interesting and a change from my normal workouts but it has had a much deeper impact than I could have imagined. I now know so much more about my body and can put that knowledge to use in my workouts and everyday fitness regime. Just because you go to the gym three times a week does not mean you don't 'need' Sonia - in fact I would suggest the opposite. In addition to this, on a personal level, Sonia always makes her sessions interesting. She is an interesting and engaging person who will make an introduction to pilates a most worthwhile experience and even experts will benefit from her broad knowledge about mind and body. I couldn't recommend Sonia more highly to everyone, of all ages and all levels of fitness and experience.
Graham Hill

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a comprehensive fitness system where you work the body as a whole, from the deeper muscles to the most peripheral, involving both the mind and body. This technique is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates. The method works especially what is called the 'Powerhouse', consisting of the abdominals, the lower back and the buttocks. Strengthening these body parts develops power 'from the inside out' allowing improved movement throughout the rest of the body.

Pilates is a philosophy of training the body and mind together with the goal of achieving precise control of the body in a most healthy and efficient manner. Pilates seeks to achieve muscle balance by strengthening weak muscles whilst stretching shortened muscles. Thus, the method allows the practitioner to achieve harmony of body and mind and to develop their movements with grace and poise. Precision, breathing, concentration, control, alignment, consolidation and fluidity are also key concepts of the method.

Pilates achieves excellent muscle tone, improved benefits for the circulatory and lymphatic systems, correction of posture and a stylized figure in addition to skills such as attention to detail and discipline to those who practice it. Furthermore, it achieves a total mastery of motor skills and greater knowledge of one's body, which increases self-esteem and reinforces our ability to concentrate and control.

The discipline of Pilates fits in perfectly with our clinic ethos of improved health, movement and function for all; and we welcome this additional service to our Heath and Performance vision.

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