Our clients say:

All in all, I think it is a great clinic with excellent professionals who encourage, motivate and help you achieve your personal goals in a very friendly and positive manner.

Emilia Bairamova

I had never set foot in a gym until an annual health check in May 2010 marked me 1 out of 5 for each of flexibility, posture and strength. On the recommendation of a friend and determined to improve, I signed up with Ambition Fitness. In the May 2011 health check, I scored one 4 and two 5s out of 5. My stamina and general fitness have greatly improved. Cecile is very encouraging. She has gradually made the exercises more challenging; they are varied and never boring. I can now do things I never imagined I could do.

London Lady, 58

Proven Management

Ambition Health Clinic’s management team brings a level of experience unparalleled in the industry.

Jeff Murray Chief Executive Officer

Jeff MurrayJeff is the founder of the company and has worked in this field since 1990. Prior to this he worked in advertising and marketing, notably at Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising as a media buyer/planner on British Airways, Famous Grouse Whisky and Lyons Cakes accounts. It was his experience at Saatchi that provided the motivation to find his calling in a field where he could directly help, improve and save the lives of others through the intervention of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

Jeff started part-time work teaching fitness classes at lunchtime and evening at the Oasis Sports Centre in London’s Covent Garden. His success here soon spread to other private health clubs, such as Espree and the two Cannons clubs in the West End and the City of London, during the early days of the health and fitness industry. During the late 90s he then set up his company as a personal training business which achieved much success, with four different branches in London plus one in the city of York, Yorkshire and one in Redhill, Surrey. This was the first UK personal training chain ever established in the United Kingdom.

After Jeff had a snowboarding accident and badly damaged his spine he discovered Paul Chek, and subsequently became a Certified Chek Practitioner, combining the Chek philosophy with osteopathy and physiotherapy.

In 2004 Jeff set up his first Ambition Health Clinic. The clinic has gone from strength to strength and provides the experience and the blueprint for the current franchise model.

In the last five years Jeff has become involved in the world of ancestral health and has integrated these eating and lifestyle principles into his 'Food, Exercise and Lifestyle' program, with amazing measurable success via regular Blood Lipid profiling.

With his success in both the '3 Stage Treatments' of pain and injury and the changing and saving of lives through the intervention of correct nutrition, exercise and lifestyle with the minimum medication necessary becoming known, Jeff was approached by several different sources asking whether he wished to expand his company and what was the secret. At this point he was introduced to Mark Lemmon, an experienced and successful professional from the franchise world. Mark analysed his business in detail and passed it as an absolute winner for the franchise marketplace.

Mark Lemmon Chief Operating Officer

Mark LemmonMark Lemmon is one of the most sought-after individuals in franchising, with a resume that includes Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cash Converters for five successful years and the Managing Director (MD) position in the energie Group, the largest health and fitness franchise in the UK. He has been at the top of UK franchising for over 18 years and has strong experience in international franchising through his work with Cash Converters in many of the 23 countries that they trade from. In addition, within Mark’s role as MD of the energie group, he has supported UK and international master licensees.

Whilst retaining strategic directorship, international management and selective projects for the energie Group, Mark holds a number of non-executive positions and has a deep understanding of start-up businesses development and management projects in progress in a diverse set of sectors including aesthetic skin care, cosmetic surgery, pilates studios and golf courses, all of which have a franchise and/or management service aspect. Mark says, "It is fascinating to see that, despite the diverse nature of the many sectors I am now involved in, the principles of franchising and the key drivers to launch and manage these as franchising brands remain the same."

Mark’s specialist skills cover franchise start-up, management and growth. His core skills and experience enable Mark to offer strategic guidance and, when needed, contractual conflict resolutions for established and growing franchise networks. He has built a strong reputation within the franchise sector and brings this experience and expertise to The Franchise Partners (TFP). Mark heads up the team and ensures the necessary skills and experience are available and managed to the highest possible standards, meaning that our partners are offered the very best support on an ongoing basis, ensuring our partners’ objectives are given every chance to succeed.


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