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Our clients say:

...with a new routine, customized for my personal situation, I was able to build core strength, flexibility, and improve my overall fitness. For the first time in years I saw a real change in my overall body (posture and muscle tone), and started to feel great about myself!

Jenny Billings

My greater fitness and health have increased my enjoyment and ability in other activities such as walking, sailing and skiing. One of the best aspects of training with Jeff is that my training programme, whilst extremely challenging, is realistic and fits easily around a full lifestyle. So, I can still eat, drink and be merry - but feel and look better while doing it.

David Armstrong

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The Team at Ambition Health & Performance

Dr Thomas Wood

Dr Thomas Wood

BM (Oxford), BA (Cambridge, Natural Sciences & Biochemistry), BC

An Oxford graduate (2011), Thomas is interested in strictly evidence-based holistic methods of combating and preventing chronic inflammatory diseases such as MS - particularly the role that proper nutrition has to play - and has lectured at international conferences.

Once a user of the specially-formulated powders and bars used by many athletes, he now believes in a simpler approach to diet, even at high performance levels, and that not just diet but exercise should be at the core of our treatment for any illness.

A keen rower, runner and amateur strength/CrossFit athlete himself, Thomas first started 'circuit training' whilst at Oxford University, helping well over 100 people achieve more from exercise.

With my background, I try to make informed lifestyle choices in the context of diet, nutrition, training and general health and wellbeing. However, we all find it increasingly difficult to do so when we are constantly given mixed messages by the media, health professionals and even scientists. This mass of information needs to be evaluated, assimilated and communicated in a balanced and accessible way. This is my objective.
Jeff Murray, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Jeff Murray

Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, High Performance Conditioning

BA(Hons), CHEK Practitioner Level 2, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Jeff is the owner of Ambition Health & Performance. Involved in the health and fitness industry since 1990, he's seen many developments (some good, some not so good) during this time. He has kept to his core values: (1) to always to find the best solution to every challenge encountered, and (2) to make a positive change to every aspect of health that he can with whoever he comes into contact with.

Jeff set up the Ambition Health and Performance Clinic in 2002 and since then has worked with thousands of patients in the field of Corrective Exercise / Exercise Rehabilitation after injury and or pain reduction / elimination.

Jeff has extensive experience of training clients from all walks of life and takes particular pleasure in working with people who are starting from the very beginning and who have never tried to make a real change to their health or even exercised before. He enjoys turning these situations on their head with the end result being a phenomenal health and fitness change for the client for the rest of their life. Jeff's approach involves the application of the 'Six Steps to Success' Program which works on the following components of health: exercise, diet, lifestyle, sleep and stress management.

He also enjoys working with regular exercisers who are in need of a new challenge and takes a particular interest in bodyweight training or Calisthenics.

Jeff and his team have achieved almost unbelievable success with their innovative approach in the area of fat loss through his direct no-nonsense approach which involves a highly nutritious diet that is free of sugar, grain and processed food plus the application of regular exercise sessions. People on the program have also recorded blood sugar stabilisation, reduced or eliminated diabetes risk, seen high blood pressure disappear, arthritis pain go and cholesterol levels normalise "almost effortlessly" in the words of one client. If you would like to lose up to 8kg in three months, never feel hungry and look great, just get in contact with Jeff at

The results we achieve within the clinic are phenomenal, marrying together osteopathy, physiotherapy and corrective exercise. This approach is rare: resolution for health, fitness, injury and posture problems is normally attempted through a visit to only one therapist. Our multi-disciplinary approach works far, far better!
Angela Griffin-Lovesy, Personal Trainer

Angela Griffin-Lovesey

Personal Trainer, Exercise Specialist, Exercise Nutritionist, Group Exercise Instructor

BSc Biochemistry, Personal Training Diploma

Angela has been working in the fitness industry since 2003, as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Whether you are after sports specific training, increased fitness levels, or general weight loss, Angela can help design a programme that will suit your every need and help you move one step closer towards reaching your fitness goals.

She has been involved in many sports from an early age and has also competed at county level for her university in athletics (both track and field), badminton and netball. She's also studied and practiced ballet, jazz dance, tap, contemporary dance, basketball, trampolining, gymnastics and cycling!

I like to take a mind and body approach with clients, as I believe that in order to get the most out of your personal training experience you must use both together. If the mind is strong then the body will be also. Added stresses from work, home or even bad nutrition can all take a part in slowing progression. This is why I like to offer nutritional advice as part of the training package. Good food + good exercise = great body and mind!
Annabelle Platon, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

Toni Platon

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

BTEC Sports and Remedial Massage, ITEC Indian Massage, ITEC Holistic Massage

From his childhood to early adulthood, Toni underwent a succession of surgical interventions on his spine and lower limbs, accompanied by years of massage and physiotherapy. It was from his own experience that Toni came to develop a keen interest in remedial massage therapy and other soft tissue bodyworks.

By using bodywork techniques such as Muscle Energy Technique, Soft Tissue Release and other classic muscle strokes, Toni will help relax, tone and stimulate your muscles, relieve pain, reduce muscle fatigue and spasms, and tackle muscular imbalances. All of this will assist you in your quest for optimum health and fitness.

Specialisations: sports and remedial massage; deep and soft tissue release; neuromuscular technique; muscular related back and shoulder complaints; muscular pain; therapeutic relaxing massage; hopi ear candling; cupping; on-site acupressure massage.

I know what pain and physical discomfort are; I have been dealing with them since I was 13 years old! When somebody comes to me with a physical discomfort, chances are I have experienced it! My best tool? Empathy! Everybody can benefit from Massage therapy. Regardless of any injury or quest for peak performance and fitness, everyone can benefit from a relaxing body massage to help unwind and recharge batteries to face the world again!
Cecile Charrier, Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Cecile Charrier

Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Swedish & Sports Massage Therapist

BSc Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Cecile started at Ambition during her university placement in 2009 and has been working here since. She originally qualified as a massage therapist, but university extended her skill base with techniques and clinical skills such as IFT, ultrasound and tapping/strapping, myofacial release, trigger point therapy and strain/counterstrain - all of which she has since put into practice in sports events such as the London Marathon, London Indoor Games and different triathlons. Now graduated, she divides her time between clients and making sure the clinic is running smoothly.

I design specific programs to meet my clients' needs and goals, with particular attention to postural correction, injury prevention, weight management and general fitness. I take pride in educating clients about the importance of moving functionally, while giving them motivation and an extra push during each session.
Daiza Okada

Daiza Okada


Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology

Daizia graduated from Keio University Tokyo with an economics degree and was engaged in an international trade and research work for most of his working life. However he was always interested in working in health-related field and, having identified foot therapy (now known as reflexology) as an intriguing subject with profound depth, decided to devote the rest of his life to working on people's feet to help them to help themselves to live long and healthy lives. Daiza is the author of 'Health Credit, Investing with Reflexology'(ISBN 978-0-9565168-0-0)

Specialisations: energy recovery therapy; stress; high blood pressure; migraines; chronic fatigue syndrome; asthma; pain relief; Parkinson's disease; anti-aging.

Fane Hervey, Senior Personal Trainer

Fane Hervey

Senior Personal Trainer, Circuit Training & Boxing Instructor

REPs Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer, REPs Level 4 Specialist in Exercise with Lower Back Pain, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Sports Acupressure Masseur (VTCT & SNHS), Sports Nutritionist & Psychologist (SNHS)

Fane has been involved in all manner of sports from his youth, and has competed at a national level in both middle-distance athletics and cross-country running. He has been teaching traditional martial arts and fitness for close to ten years. He has travelled and lived throughout Europe and Asia on a constant mission to improve his skills and knowledge base, and has worked with many people with various goals from all over the world. As a result, his talents are varied and broad; clinical and holistic massage, corrective exercise, extreme bodyweight conditioning, high performance coaching.

Specialisations: corrective exercise and rehabilitation, functional movement training, bodyweight conditioning, sports-specific protocols, flexibility and stretching regimes, fat loss, hypertrophy (muscle mass).

Giles Wingrove, Personal Trainer

Giles Wingrove

Personal Trainer, Fat Loss Specialist, Body Weight Training Specialist, TRX Trainer

Giles has been a keen martial artist for many years; he studying karate as a teenager and has travelled to Thailand on two occasions to study Muay-Thai under local masters. Since completing a YMCA qualification in Personal Training, Giles has had great success with a multitude of clients for both fat loss and muscle gain. Giles also holds a qualification in TRX training and nutrition, and has a great interest in diet, nutrition and delicious food. A keen Primal/Paleo chef, he often gives clients practical cooking lessons, tips and recipes - and spends hours in the kitchen experimenting.

Harriet Johnson, Osteopath

Harriet Johnson


BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, Registered Osteopath, British Osteopathic Association member, Osteopathic Sports Care Association member

Harriet graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2001. In addition to her osteopathy qualifications she has been a qualified, practicing fitness instructor for the past 18 years, and is also a qualified massage therapist. Harriet suffered an injury which left her with difficulty walking for 6 months. When this was successfully treated with osteopathy she decided to retrain as an osteopath. Her sports background in athletics and team events has lead to an understanding of and a keen interest in the osteopathic treatment of injuries.

Specialistions: traditional structural osteopathic techniques including soft tissue work, articulation and manipulation, alongside ultrasound and dry needling (a form of acupuncture).

Harry Clemson, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist

Harry Clemson

Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Food Exercise & Lifestyle Coach, Trainee Osteopath

Level 3 Personal Trainer / GP referral / Outdoor Fitness / Sports Conditioning / Nutrition, Soft Massage Qualification

Harry has been playing rugby nearly all his life; he started coaching rugby at 16, and started offering personal training services soon after that. Having played rugby at high levels in both union and league, Harry decided to pursue a Masters in Osteopathy instead of a career in rugby and is still in training. Whilst studying he became a British Champion powerlifter in his weight category, and gained a qualification in massage.

Harry has worked successfully with a huge range of clients including competitive bodybuilders, world champion powerlifters and Olympic lifters, fitness models, rugby players, basketball players, fighters, runners and cyclists.

A wealth of knowledge, experience and qualifications in exercise and massage (including his ongoing masters in Osteopathy) and an eagerness to help anyone reach their goals means Harry delivers an exceptional standard of training, bringing his clients a programme that is unique and tailored to their precise needs.

Specialisations: strength & conditioning, sports-specific training, injury rehabilitation & prevention, calisthenics, posture and ergonomics, back pain, soft tissue and sports massage, aesthetics/bodybuilding, fat loss, tailor-made diets, improving sleep, concentration and energy levels.

Jordan Clemson, Osteopath

Jordan Clemson


M.Ost, ND, Registered Osteopath, Institute of Osteopathy member

A graduate of the distinguished British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) where he completed a 4 year full time course and graduated with a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine as well as a Diploma in Naturopathy. Working within the BCOM clinic gave Jordan the privilege of treating patients from all walks of life with a vast spectrum of issues including chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

With a lifelong passion for rugby and martial arts, and a special interest in sports people of all ages and abilities, Jordan has been a both a personal trainer and GP referral specialist for the last 10 years. He has guided and coached young athletes and helped NHS patients recover from major surgery and severe illness.

Drawing on all his skills and experience, Jordan strives to deliver the highest standards of treatment using a multi-disciplined and tailored approach, and to assist his patients in all aspects of health and well being.

Specialisations: low back pain, neck pain, sports injury rehabilitation, kinesio taping, therapeutic exercise and stretching techniques, soft tissue techniques

My aim is to empower, nurture and educate my patients every step of the way, with a view to restoring peak health and pain free movement.
Kinga Jonczyk, Personal Trainer

Kinga Jonczyk

Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Swimming Coach, Kettle Bell Coach

MSc Physical Education, CHEK Level 1, CKT level 2, ITEC Massage Therapist, ASA Swim Instructor

Kinga has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2000. Her scope of practise is first in the assessment of movement, performance and function by applying the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology and motor learning; and second in the management (by recommendation and providing action plan) of disorders or musculoskeletal imbalances to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement, function and performance - whether that is for sport, recreation, work or exercise.

Moving and physical activity has been always something natural to me; I have been involved in many sports and also in athletics. My experience and education have led me to acquire a holistic and personal approach to helping clients achieve their goals in health, fitness/sport and rehabilitation.
Marc Dunn, Osteopath

Marc Dunn


Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine, Diploma in Osteopathy, Diploma in Naturopathy

Prior to studying for his degree (at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine) Marc had eight years' experience treating clients with a range of problems from general aches and pains to complex sporting injuries.

Having previously worked in busy office environments, Marc understands the importance of posture and provides correctional advice and exercise where needed. Marc's patient-focused approach to treatments incorporates a range of osteopathic techniques to aid physical improvements and body balance. Marc continues to further his education attending courses in accordance with the continuing professional development.

Specialisations: deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, joint mobilisation, visceral techniques, lifestyle assessment.

Noelene Davey, Physiotherapist

Noelene Davey

Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

BASc (Physiotherapy), Health Professions Council (HPC) & Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) registered

Since graduating from Sydney University in 1995, Noelene has gained a wide variety of experience in neuro-musculoskeletal and sports medicine both in Australia and in the UK. She worked within the private sports injury sector in Australia, gaining valuable experience treating athletes, ballet dancers, triathletes, rugby league and union players, and at the surf/lifeguard national championships.

In the UK she also works at a large London teaching hospital as a Senior Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist with Extended Scope of Practice. This is one of the highest clinical positions a physiotherapist can progress to within the NHS. She also offers home visits.

Specialisations: sports injuries, soft tissue injuries (muscle, ligament, tendon), pre and post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation, rehabilitation of fractures and major injuries, headaches originating from the cervical spine, foot and ankle injuries, knee pain, spinal pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and injuries, temporomandibular joint (jaw) pain, neurological rehabilitation (eg after a stroke).

Sybil Roskil, Osteopath

Sybil Roskil


Sybil left a career in TV and retrained as a structural osteopath after osteopathic treatment had a transformative effect on own her life, resolving chronic neck and back pain arising from an injury received in a car crash as a teenager. Each treatment is uniquely tailored to the individual's goals and needs, taking into account the effect of their work and lifestyle demands on the presenting problem. She uses a mixture of soft tissue, mobilization and manipulation techniques, exercise prescription, nutrition and - where appropriate - modalities such as acupuncture and kinesio taping.

In her free time Sybil loves outdoor swimming: this year she will swim the Bosphorous and take part in the London Swimmers' Half Marathon (a run from Hampstead to Tooting Bec Lido, swimming in all the open waters on the way, from Hampstead Ponds to Gospel Oak Lido and the Serpentine).

I really enjoy working with patients of all ages and conditions. My aim as an osteopath is not only relieve pain or restriction and improve function, but to work with the patient to treat the root of the problem so as to prevent re injury or recurrence. I even use osteopathy to treat my 7 year old daschund Bruce, who suffers from a bad back!
Zhara Pedersen, Food, Exercise and Lifestyle Coach

Zhara Pedersen

Food, Exercise and Lifestyle Coach

Certified Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Instructor

Zhara's passion for fitness and health began when she started her own weight loss journey a few years ago. Her personal experiences give her understanding of some of the difficulties associated with weight loss and the initial concerns any clients may have when it comes to altering their lifestyles.

My interest towards health is not purely physical. I am very interested in treating mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and even stress through good nutrition and leading an active lifestyle. It is my belief that most modern day illnesses can be cured not by drugs, but by leading a healthy life.
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