Our clients say:

All in all, I think it is a great clinic with excellent professionals who encourage, motivate and help you achieve your personal goals in a very friendly and positive manner.

Emilia Bairamova

I had never set foot in a gym until an annual health check in May 2010 marked me 1 out of 5 for each of flexibility, posture and strength. On the recommendation of a friend and determined to improve, I signed up with Ambition Fitness. In the May 2011 health check, I scored one 4 and two 5s out of 5. My stamina and general fitness have greatly improved. Cecile is very encouraging. She has gradually made the exercises more challenging; they are varied and never boring. I can now do things I never imagined I could do.

London Lady, 58

Why Ambition Health Clinics?

the right dietthe right exercise

Ambition Health Clinics are reinventing healthcare. With a 10-year proven model in a £144.5 billion industry we’re making quality, original, healthcare outcomes affordable, approachable and convenient for consumers - whilst simplifying and enhancing business operations for osteopaths, physiotherapists, personal trainers, other therapists and franchise owners.

We are bringing what you would normally only find available in a very few select expensive Clinic to your own high street.

We have 2 main thrusts to our business.

Our '3 Stage Treatment Plan' for musculoskeletal pain and injury which is 100% unique and is not available in any other clinic. It is one of our key defining factors that make us and our approach stand head and shoulders above any other clinic or Osteopathy/Physiotherapy offering.

Our 'Food Exercise and Lifestyle Program' where we work on the reversal of obesity, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol blood panel, diabetes, and other problems associated with metabolic syndrome. We do this through changing the food you eat, changing damaging lifestyle patterns, and taking the right type of exercise - with a consequent reduction or elimination of the problems and also prescribed medication.

We are actively seeking additional franchisees / investors to make the UK a far healthier place and to positively change the health of millions. Could that be you?

Favourable Trends

Longer Active LifestylesGrowth in Healthy AlternativesCommitment to Wellness
Improved longevity means more demand Increased musculoskeletal pain and heart disease Open-mindedness to non pharmaceutical based care NHS under severe strain Growth in health clubs, yoga, Pilates etc
Sedentary Lifestyles Medication-only Culture


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