Nutrition & Healthy Diet

Making the right changes to your diet and lifestyle is probably the most important component of our whole program.

The simple changes we recommend will dramatically change your life and health for the better and have more impact than any amount of gym sessions, fad diets, pills, potions, or supplements.

Stop eating processed, sugar-filled rubbish
Our approach to diet means reduction or elimination of sugar, grains, processed foods and starchy carbohydrates. You will instead eat real, whole, healthy foods and follow a diet based upon meat, fish, fowl, eggs, seafood, vegetables and fruit - all highly nutritious foods.

We'll give you individual diet and nutrition advice
Not everyone will eat the same food; each person has a different genetic background and this needs to be taken into account. For example, if you are from Japan or China it is far more likely that you will not thrive on dairy, so we would look to omit this food group.

If you are a scientifically minded and check the macronutrient content of what you eat with us you will be amazed how your diet has improved and surprised at just how nutrient deficient your previous diet was.

Poor health may not be your fault
It may not be your fault if you have high blood pressure, elevated blood triglycerides and excess fat around the stomach or on the hips; you have probably been following conventional advice on what constitutes a 'healthy diet'.

Terrible nutrition advice is everywhere...
If you're been unsuccessful - as virtually everyone will be on this sort of 'food' - don't despair. The advice on diet and healthy eating you've received is fatally flawed and only serves to make you fatter and more unhealthy. We have lost count of the number of times that we have assessed someone who has a whopping 40% or more body fat who says that they eat a healthy diet, and is baffled as to what they are doing wrong!

An obesity epidemic is the result...
The unhappy truth is that the dietary guidelines that have been pushed on us for the past fifty or sixty years have led us to the greatest ill health and obesity epidemic in the history of mankind. Yet government health advisors, nearly all the medical establishment and even diet and exercise professionals continue to peddle the same flawed message, seemingly oblivious to its failure.

And you are risking far more than being overweight
It's not healthy and it is not normal to be on statins, have 30% body fat, high blood pressure, and to have a waistline as big as your hips; it's downright unhealthy. If you continue with this form of eating and lifestyle you will be at serious risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack.

But it's NOT too late to turn your health around!
We have turned around the health of hundreds of people by making changes to what they eat:

  • Dietary Starters' Orders (and the science to back it up) to ditch the bad food immediately and begin eating in a way that your body desires and craves;
  • You will be subscribed to our partner websites to back up what we say;
  • You will be provided with books that back up what we say;
  • We will update you through email and social media with advice and coaching;
  • We will work with you 2-3 times per week on an essential exercise program, with diet and lifestyle coaching that will give outstanding physical results.
  • You must empty your fridge and larder of all the offending foods;
  • You will be asked to complete a 6 day food diary every month to keep you accountable;
  • We will analyse the macronutrient content of what you are eating - for example how much protein, how much carbohydrate, how much fat - plus the mineral and vitamin content;

Recent Results:
Roderick Wingrove: 10kg fat loss in 12 months
Rex Willoughby: 10kg fat loss in 12 months
William Arnold: 12kg fat loss in 12 months
Martin Horton: 10kg fat loss in 12 months
Gary Weekes: 5kg fat loss in 30 days!

It seems that between 6-8kg are the magic numbers for 3-4 months, with c10kg over a year - and not much more to go at that stage!

And YES - it stays off!