Top 10 Damaging Nutrition Myths

Jeff says: There is a lot of nonsense floating around masquerading as 'conventional' nutrition advice. Unfortunately most of this is presented as scientific fact by those with the most qualifications, both within our health service and in official government bodies related to health. But what you're being told is just not true!

I have listed the worst offenders here, but sadly this is only the beginning of a never ending list that only stands to benefit the so called 'food' manufacturers and a multi-billion diet industry worldwide that both consistently fail people.

Beware of anyone who tells you that the solution is to eat less and exercise more if they tell you to eat a low fat, high carbohydrate diet with strict portion control. It probably means that they don't know what they are doing.

Here are my top 10 biggest myths and misconceptions within mainstream nutrition advice, together with the truth - and links to resources that will enable you to verify this yourself.

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