What is Pilates- Anatomy in Motion (AiM) ?

Pilates- Anatomy in Motion

Movement is for everyone. Whether you are experiencing pain, starting to move again post injury, considering ways of moving during pre/post-natal times, seeking a way to balance out your training or sitting all day and craving movement with and through your body again. Pilates is a comprehensive system where you work the body as a whole, from the deeper muscles to the most peripheral involving both the body and the mind.

The Pilates method's principles are concentration, centring, control, precision, breathing, alignment, fluidity and integration. Following these principles, the aim is to achieve muscle strength and tone, improve posture, alignment and body awareness; which in return helps to prevent injuries. In sessions I focus on re-educating people about their bodies with a view of re-discovering how it moves, how it can move and how it "wants" to move. I use a mixture of Pilates and Anatomy in Motion to help people re-establish healthy fluid motion; a balance between strength and mobility.

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a forward-thinking movement therapy for pain management, injury rehabilitation and prevention as well has athletic performance and body awareness. AiM's flow motion model tracks movement through the human gait cycle (walking), enabling us to see what every joint is doing through the gait cycle. An AiM therapist uses this map of human movement to discover where imbalances and compensations are, unlocking the body's full potential. Pain is as a sign that the body is out of balance, AiM's intention is finding the cause of the pain not chasing the pain by treating symptoms.Starting from the feet up we will mobilise, lengthen and re-align your whole body using three dimensional movements. Restoring movement by mobilising joints and therefore creating space to move out of pain and injury into a state of ease by helping your body find its own centre - a place of ease without pain.