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At Ambition we take a multi-disciplinary approach. Depending on your needs and your goals you might see many different members of our team. Below are just a few testimonials from people who have benefited from the integration of different disciplines. You can read more testimonials, specific to each discipline, on the pages in the menu to the left.

I am not an Ambition client, but the information on this site has changed my life!

As I neared the end of my thirties I started noticing that my waistline was growing, so I started going to a gym 2 or 3 times a week, and eating what I thought was more healthy food - and less food too.

I was doing a load of cardiovascular work (running, rowing, cycling, cross-training), using machines in the gym and doing hundreds of crunches - basically killing myself. I made an effort to cut out sugar, bought low fat foods, and ate grains and cereals because I'd read that these were a 'healthy option'. I was tired; I was bloated; I was often hungry; I craved sugar and sweet, fatty food and often gave in to those cravings; and I was noticing very slow, limited results in fat loss and muscle gain for what seemed like a huge effort.

Then I started working with Jeff to manage this website, and started reading the blog. I got interested, and I read the studies mentioned and I did some research of my own. I watched the Calisthenics tutorial videos in the blog. I switched to full fat food, started cooking with butter and lard, stopped drinking fruit juice, ate less bread / pasta / rice, ate more red meat, fish and eggs, and I started doing bodyweight exercises (just chin-ups, press-ups, squats).

I've not had a tailored diet or exercise plan, and I'm not following the rules I set myself strictly (I'd say I have followed them perhaps 70-80% of the time, giving in to a bread at weekends, a packet of crisps every so often). I eat what I'm given at friends' houses, even if this means pasta or rice. Yet - just from this layman's approach to diet and exercise based on the information here, and a limited adoption of these principles - I noticed better results in a few months compared to ANYTHING else before! I'm never hungry, I'm no longer bloated, and whilst sunbathing this Summer a female friend remarked how fit and trim I look. After 15 years of not having one, I'm starting to develop a six pack stomach again - and I don't even do crunches anymore!

Peter Fisher

Working with Jeff and the team at Ambition Fitness has been a real revelation - I didn't think you could get results so quickly! Within days I felt better, moved better and I swear I was a foot taller because my posture was so different. After a thorough assessment I started a program that combined stretching, corrective exercise and osteopathy. Using all of these approaches at once, I was able to rapidly accelerate my progress.

The difference between this and other treatment I've had is that it was precisely targeted at those areas of my body that needed it. Instead of wasting time, we got to the heart of my issues and worked on the root causes of my back and neck pain. This meant I didn't waste time doing lots of 'exercise stuff', just those things that would make the biggest difference to how my body functioned. And I've learned lots.

Part of the approach at Ambition is to teach you about your body and how to manage it for optimal health. My sessions not only left me feeling fitter but with a much deeper understanding of how my body functions and how I can maintain it. They have equipped me with a set of skills that I hope to use for the rest of my life.

Anita Edwards

I have been using Ambition for about two years and they have always been very professional, helpful friendly and knowledgeable. My first visit was with a stiff shoulder, which they treated, but they also looked at my overall well-being which was not very good at the time. Through a combination of nutritional advice, personal training and encouragement I have gone from being an unhealthy, unfit, aching coach potato to losing over three and a half stone and completing my first half marathon. I would highly recommend Ambition and their ethos of wellbeing.

Nikki Bibby

I have known Jeff for some 20 years, initially as a personal trainer and latterly as somebody who has helped me overcome various problems as I get older. He saw me through a major cancer operation 15 years ago, to the point where I have subsequently run eight marathons, climbed mountains (Kilimanjaro, Kinabalu, Sinai), completed major multiday walks around the world, including, Dead Sea to Petra, all the eight major walks in New Zealand, Coast to Coast in England, Rift Valley in Kenya, Lyke Wake walk, Atlas Mountains in Morocco plus many more.

What impresses me and what I like about Ambition Fitness is that all the consultants work together to provide the correct remedial action to get the desired results. I am currently seeing Jeff and Toby, the osteopath, to help me overcome knee problems and get me ready to tackle one of the toughest walks in Europe, the GR20 in Corsica, in June. I am now nearly 67. I have no hesitation in recommending Ambition Fitness who are very professional and ensure they keep themselves up to date with latest techniques in the health and fitness industry.

Rex Willoughby

I initially came to Ambition Health and Performance because I was impressed with the emphasis you give to health. I have Type 2 diabetes and was recently told by my doctor that complications have arisen as a result. He explained that if I did not lose weight and increase my level of exercise significantly the tablets he was prescribing would not be enough to halt the deterioration in my health. He told me I would be looking at dialysis and insulin in the very near future and at a heart attack in the not too distant future. Scary words!

I have joined many gyms in the past but dislike exercise so much that I stop going within a couple of weeks. However, I saw your flyers which focused on health and decided to give it a go. My first appointment was with the osteopath and I then booked ten one-hour weekly sessions. The first two weeks were very difficult and accentuated just how unfit I was. However, over the weeks I was impressed with how much fitter I felt and how much more energy I had. Mike pushes me just enough to ensure I improve week on week without making it so difficult that I don't want to continue. I now even look forward to working out, a miracle!

I went back to the doctor last week for a three monthly check up and for his decision as to whether dialysis and insulin were needed. I have to say he was extremely impressed with the progress I had made, so much so that I am no longer in immediate danger of either dialysis or insulin. He explained that if I continued to make progress in this way then I could even look at reducing my tablets. Fantastic, what a result. I couldn't have achieved this without Mike's help and expertise and so would like to say a very big thank you to him especially. Hopefully one day I'll be off the tablets for good.

PR Consultant

When I started working with you last year I was 50lb overweight, I couldn't train in a consistent manner due to constantly picking up injuries, and my diet was not good and definitely wasn't helping my training, recovery or weight loss.

From the first few sessions I knew I had made the correct decision to work with you. Your approach and enthusiasm wanted me to get out and train, but not over train. My diet changed, I felt brighter and healthier, and within only a few short weeks people noticed that I was looking not just fitter but healthier as well.

We are now halfway to our target weight goal. I feel strong, fit and healthy and actively promote the 'Paleo' way for those friends and colleagues I meet. This has included a friend whose young daughter was constantly ill and inactive who is now a bright and active young girl just from a change in her diet.

Whilst I am away travelling I am keeping to the basics but I am really looking forward to getting back into the gym with you to take it to the next stage.

M J Betteridge, Operations Director

I have been working with Jeff Murray at Ambition for around six years. When I started I had a lifelong history of back pain that I lived with and treated with physiotherapy, with limited success - other than for the physio's bank account! I was working out hard three to four times a week in the gym for around two hours a session and I was at a plateau of medium fitness and still overweight.

Graham - after within a month or two of working with Jeff my back pain disappeared and I saw real fitness improvement. This was with two one-hour sessions a week with Jeff and one on my own, so in less than half the time!

As the ski season started it was very clear that my fitness had improved and my skiing went to another level because of it. Jeff then suggested that I read the book 'Eat, Move and Be Healthy' by Paul Chek and subsequently 'Primal Blueprint' by Mark Sisson. After that the whole experience became life-changing!

I am now very near optimal weight (12-13% body fat, down from 21-22%) and fitness - all on less than half the training I was doing before I met Jeff. Thank you!

Graham King (46), Director, Mayfair, London

Jeff and his team have changed my life. Their approach to holistic health and fitness is in marked contrast to the dull pointless routine one usually gets palmed off with. I have literally got my life in their hands as they help me prepare for open heart surgery to correct a congenital heart defect. There are no safer hands or more professional in London. I look forward to being with them as they support me through a long recovery.

Andy Mann

Following a back injury which nagged for over a month, I was finally referred to Jeff Murray's Ambition Health programme in Victoria, London. The assessment was thorough, logical and sensible - the culprit, years of decadence. The approach Jeff and team have adopted has made the weight loss, dietary change and full endorsement of health incredibly easy - primarily, because one buys into it so logically and rationally. It's not a 'quick fix', it's a permanent adaptation, and I have, and continue to find, each one of the goals set for me, and advertised, anything but 'mere puffery', rather, sensible and attainable goals. They have changed this cynic's life, and will do yours! Best of luck!

Sean MacGloin

I have been working with Jeff for the past two years and have found his holistic approach to health, fitness and well-being very helpful. I have completely adjusted my diet and have worked through a progression of strengthening and corrective exercises that have enabled me to maintain an active recreational life-style on snow, rock and water that defy my 65 years and a working life that requires me to travel and remain sedentary for long periods. Jeff has devised a programme I can follow wherever I am. It has really improved my fitness and sense of well-being, but it works only if you put in the time regularly, avoid bad eating and drinking habits, and follow what Jeff says to the letter.

Ralph Godsall

Over the 10 years I have been using Ambition, they have helped me in a number of ways. Thanks to Jeff's continuing exercise programmes I am much fitter than I would otherwise have been. Toby, one of the osteopaths, cured sciatic pain from my lumbar vertebrae caused by lifting my then six year old twin sons, which has never returned (they are now 13). Regular treatment from Toby and massage from Kate also keeps away the shoulder pain he tells me results from the hours I spend at the computer at work. Most recently Harriet, another of the osteopaths, cured almost overnight the pain in raising my right arm that suddenly recurred some 6 years after she first treated me for injury to my right deltoid muscle, which had resulted from an accident in 2005 and made me unable - for a while - to raise my right arm above my shoulder.

William Arnold