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Myth: Less food and more activity will make you lose weight

It's pretty much ingrained in our consciousness that in order to lose weight a person must eat less and/or exercise more. It's not quite that simple! read more

Added on 01.07.2013

An Alternative to Caffeine and Fast Food to deal with Stress

Always stressed, tired and irritable? An integrated fat loss and exercise program is the way back to a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. read more

Added on 24.06.2013

Myth: 'Energy In Equals Energy Out'

Many diet advisors will tell you that 'energy in equals energy out', but when it comes to diet and exercise this is just not the case. Find out why. read more

Added on 01.05.2013

Andrew Marr and High Intensity Training (Tabatas)

Andrew Marr's near-catastrophe using High Intensity Training should serve as a wake up call to the fitness industry, the health press and the public. read more

Added on 29.04.2013

Four simple things to try for a better sleeping environment

Trouble sleeping? Always tired? See if you can make some changes to make your sleep as restful and energy-giving as it could be. read more

Added on 22.04.2013

Vibram 5-Finger Shoes and the Art of Moving Barefoot

We've noticed real improvements in clients performing leg and other exercises using these; so let's start walking, training and moving barefoot again! read more

Added on 01.04.2013

Four Great Reasons to have a Personal Trainer

When exercising on your own it's easy to lose focus and not see results. Having a personal trainer will get you there faster, and here's why. read more

Added on 25.03.2013

Is Your 'Healthy' Eating Killing You?

Nowadays nearly two thirds of all adults are overweight and a quarter are obese. Bad official advice on what constitutes healthy diet isn't helping. read more

Added on 27.02.2013

The 'No Setback' Rule

Our 'No Setback' rule is a key component of Ambition Health and Performance's training system, and one of the factors that keep clients coming back. read more

Added on 13.12.2012

The Almost Effortless Exercise System

Want a system where you can train little and often and don't become exhausted, sweaty or sore during the session or afterwards? Read on! read more

Added on 15.11.2012
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