Video Programs on Demand

Fitness & Injury Rehab Programs on demand
Train online via the App with Jeff Murray, owner of Ambition Health and Performance and a Corrective Exercise Specialist Coach with over 30 years experience. Whether you are in the Gym or at home Jeff can provide you with a unique program that will be specific to your requirements. Jeff is also the owner of Ambition Heath and Performance Clinic. The workouts can be followed on your phone, ipad or even on your TV via, all via the App with structured follow along videos and timer based programs to get you in the best shape of your life with tried and tested programs developed over 30 years experience. Everyone has has some sort of injury or pain which affects performance and as a Clinical, Corrective Specialist, Jeff can integrate a solution into your training program.
Videos and written Instructions
Every exercise recommended has a specific instructional video and written instructions for you to learn best technique. You should spend time watching these videos and practising the exercises before worrying too much about the repetitions and timings.
Nutrition Plan
When relevant each program includes a tailored nutrition plan, with meal choices, cooking instructions and videos. Good nutrition is the key to the success of all positive health outcomes, these types of plans have been very successful with our face to face clients. With this plan you can go with the meals suggested or you can chose from others which are again specific to you and which are of the same caloric and macro nutrient values. Take your pick.
Coaching Calls
Upon signing up to the program you will be sent a link to complete a health history and consultation form which will ask you a whole series of questions relating to your goals, health and fitness background, injury history and any medical issues that may be relevant. We will then arrange a 30 minute Zoom coaching call to talk through everything and to set you on the road to success.
Coaching via App Messaging
For the complete program duration we will stay in contact via two way messaging via the app. You will be able to message me your questions and feedback and I will be able to coach you and keep you on track with everything.

Programs to Purchase Now

8 Week Bodyweight Training and Fat Loss Program

Get it Started 8 Week Fitness Program

Meniscus Rehab & Recovery

Beginner to Intermediate 14 Day Trial Program

Intermediate to Advanced 14 Day Trial Program

Gym Strength Training Split Routine & Core

Here are a few other examples of areas that can be covered.

Strength Training
Interval Training
50 Plus training
Core, Spine and Hip Conditioning
Ski & Board Fitness
Core & Spinal Rehabilitation
Mobility Programs
Posture & Pain
Back and Neck Pain
Shoulder Rehabilitation
Foot and Ankle

All online training programs include a 30 minute consultation via Zoom or similar plus coaching via 2 way messaging for the duration of the program, plus a complimentary nutrition program if requested.

If you would like to give it a try just email me back and we can arrange a time to discuss. Contact on or call 0207 630 5930