Effortless Exercise System

Almost Effortless Exercise System
This is definitely not a joke; we couldn't be more serious. The 'Effortless Exercise' system is very real and it really works. Please read this now :

You DON'T have to exhaust yourself to make AMAZING gains in FITNESS, HEALTH, and WELLBEING - it can be done ALMOST WITHOUT EFFORT!
If the idea of sweating your head off in the gym and crashing into the sofa after the workout doesn't appeal then we don't blame you.

But you can improve your ability to run for the bus and/or run up the stairs without feeling sore, tired or incapacitated at any stage in the process.

What would you say to system of training that can take you from ONE push up to TWENTY push ups in a few months - without you feeling exhausted, and without aggravating any pre-existing medical condition?

We have developed our system over 22 years in the fitness industry and the health results we have achieved include the following:

  • diabetes effectively reversed
  • strength improved 1000%
  • high cholesterol levels lowered
  • statins reduced from 90mg to 10mg by the client's doctor
  • fat loss of between 5kg to 10kg
  • all over a TWO MONTH period!

How does it work?

Let's take the push-up exercise, and imagine that when you start your exercise programme that you are capable of doing 10 push-ups (N.B. with good form - NEVER sacrifice form for more repetitions) before you cannot physically do any more.

We call this 'exercising to failure' and we personally do not recommend it in most circumstances, but here it helps you work out what you need to do.

Using the 'Effortless Exercise' system you should then perform 2 push-ups, 15-20 times every day. This means that each day you are performing double to triple your 'maximum' amount of push-ups.

You'll avoid sore muscles, but you'll do more than that: after a month you should find that your new 'maximum' for push-ups should be close to doubled.

Try it and see for yourself and let us know how you get on.

Effortless Exercise Specialist

Effortless Exercise System

Jeff Murray

CHEK Level 2 Practitioner, NASM-certified*
I am working with an 83 year old gentleman who is now able to do multiple chin ups on the high bar and who has lost 10kg of fat in 6 months. He last did chin ups in his late teens; life couldn't be better!This is what the Effortless Exercise system can do for you!