Fat Loss Program

Fat / Weight Loss Program, London SW1

Ditch the concept of 'Weight Loss'...
Weight loss is the wrong way to think about health, because what most people need to do is lose fat and build muscle. Muscle is more dense than fat, so focusing on an 'ideal' or 'target' weight is the wrong thing to do. As you'll see below, the techniques we use at our clinic to assess your health are rather more advanced than weighing scales!

Fat Loss should be your goal for long-term health!
Our fat loss program is systematic, organised and healthy. If you follow it we guarantee that you will:

  • eliminate unhealthy levels of body fat;
  • feel better; and
  • improve blood health markers.
  • You'll probably also recommend our program to someone else!

No fads, and not a diet!

This is not a fad short-term diet; instead you will change the food that you eat, and change your life - for good.

The truth is that majority of food on supermarket shelves and that recommended by the 'diet industry' isn't real food, but just a source of enormous profit for unscrupulous manufacturers and diet industry vultures. You will understand which 'inflammatory' foods make you fat and cause ill health, and why this happens

You'll learn what to eat in place of this junk. We'll recommend foods that are easy to get hold of, bring you fat loss that many clients describe as 'effortless', and bring you good health for life.

Our program works in the following way.

Initial Clinical Assessment - using Bodymetrix TM and TanitaTM systems
Without a benchmark, how can you accurately measure your success?

  • We'll measure your Body Fat Percentage
  • We'll measure your Weight
  • We'll record Body Circumference Measurements
  • We'll carry out 6 Day Food, Exercise and Sleep Diary Analysis
  • Healthy Food

Dietary Starter's Orders (no arguments!)

At assessment you will be given what we call Dietary Starter's Orders - the things you must change to achieve results. Every person who has honestly stuck to these has lost between 5-10kg of body fat over a 3-4 month period whilst also getting in fabulous shape and feeling amazing. At the 2 year stage we typically see 15kg-20kg fat loss - mission accomplished, with no more fat to lose.

The same people who see this phenonemal fat loss are also recording excellent resting blood glucose levels (an important marker for Type 2 Diabetes), blood triglyceride levels, blood pressure and low inflammation as recorded by C Reactive Protein measurement (a reliable marker for heart disease).

6 Day Food, Exercise and Sleep Diary Analysis

A 6 Day Food, Exercise and Sleep Diary is part of the initial analysis. At this stage we will highlight the foods that you must exclude and those you need to include in your diet. Once you are ready to start eating in the correct manner we will ask you to complete a further diary each month (or sometimes more frequently) so we can fine tune your diet where necessary.

Macro Nutrient Profiling

We may also ask you to enter three days' food intake into a Macronutrient Analyser where we will discover your protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral ratios, plus other important dietary information. By this stage we should have your diet well dialled in and no mistakes should be made voluntarily. Once you understand the principles involved and have all the information and support needed to apply them, making the right choice becomes so much easier.

Fast Loss Exercise: Bespoke Personal Training

You must also make a commitment to yourself to exercise at least 2-3 times a week with a resistance program, plus do two additional 20-30 minute sessions of cardiovascular exercise. Our expert personal trainers can guide you through from a standing start to levels of fitness you might not believe - for example we have a gentleman in his 80s doing multiple chin-ups after nearly 70 years of being unable to do even one!

Reassessment and Motivation

Reassessment will be done every 4-6 weeks. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing how well you have done. Remember, average fat loss over a 3-4 month period is in the 5-10kg range, and according to most of our clients this is 'effortless' - brilliant!

If you haven't been following plan, and your results are not so great initially, then not to worry; this is the chance to find out why, and make the required changes. If you don't get off to the fastest start, this is NOT cause for despair. We just need to help you get motivated. We've found that those who make a slow start often finish even stronger - it just means results might take a little longer to come.

Lifestyle & Stress Reduction

There are lifestyle factors that can prevent you from achieving best results. If you don't sleep properly it will be harder to lose the body fat that the dietary changes and exercise should achieve. Have you ever stayed up late reading and responding to emails and found yourself still awake and wired at 1.00am? This needs to change.

The stress experienced as part of a 21st Century lifestyle can thwart your best efforts, but we will work with you to discover how you can best manage any issues.

Fat Loss Coaching and Support
Regular Appointments
Regular scheduled appointments with your coach make an enormous difference to the outcomes achieved. It helps you to:

  • stay accountable to yourself for your progress; which helps you to
  • stay the course; which helps you to
  • achieve the results you want.

We always encourage everyone to work with us for the long term. With your determination and our expertise and motivation you WILL achieve what you set out to achieve.

Online Support and Continued Education

We will send you regular support updates via social media and email which will continue your education, back up what we say and drive home our message.We will subscribe you to our partner sites that will provide you with further online support back up everything that we tell you. You will be able to read articles and reports explaining the science behind our approach and also read the success stories of others who are eating and living in the same way.You will read all books and materials that we provide you with to re-educate yourself.

You'll understand what a healthy diet and lifestyle really is - and when you are done you will NEVER go back to your old ways!

Fat Loss Program

Giles Wingrove- Senior Personal Trainer and Fat Loss Specialist

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Fat Loss Specialist
Body Weight Training Specialist
Weight Training and Lifting Specialist

Giles has been a keen martial artist for many years, studying karate as a teenager before getting into Muay-Thai in the last few years. He has travelled to Thailand on 3 occasions to study under local masters.
Since completing a YMCA qualification in Personal Training Giles has had great success with a multitude of clients for both fat loss and muscle gain. Giles also holds a qualification in TRX training and nutrition.
Through a great interest in diet, nutrition and delicious food, Giles has become a keen Primal/Paleo chef, often giving clients practical cooking lessons, tips and recipes as well as spending hours in the kitchen experimenting.

Fat Loss Program

Harry Clemson

Senior Personal Trainer, Fat Loss Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Rehabilitation Specialist

Harry has been playing rugby all his life and with that came a natural exposure to the world of health and fitness from an early age. Playing rugby at high levels in both union and league Harry decided push into the field of health and fitness while remaining competitive in a variety of sports. Harry has competed in powerlifting and became a British Champion in his weight category and won the overall best lifter in the competition amongst other competitive endeavours.  He has worked successfully with a huge range of people including competitive Bodybuilders and Fitness Models, Rugby Players and Fighters, Runners and Cyclists, World champion Powerlifters, Basketball players and Olympic lifters. Harry's true calling was found quite by accident when asked if he could help a patient with a late stage of M.S (Multiple sclerosis) whom was struggling to find a way to fight the progression of their M.S. Harry was able to put the years of high level sports related training and anatomical study together with his unique way of thinking to create an effective way to not only halt the symptoms of the M.S but to reverse the effects. Since then Harry has been improving his craft and successfully working with patients with varying neurological issues such as M.S - Stroke Victims, Parkinson's and chronic pain.

• Strength and Conditioning Training
• Sports Specific Training
• Multiple sclerosis (M.S)
• Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention
• Posture and Ergonomics
• Pain Management
• Calisthenics
• Fat Loss Expert