Our Method

Ambition was founded in the early 90s as a fusion of Personal Training, Osteopathy and good Nutrition. Very quickly we were at the forefront of developing the discipline of Corrective Exercise as a solution for solving the persistent pain and injury problems that many people suffer from. We now have thousands of hours of practical experience but every week we are still developing new and innovative methods of working.

When you come to Ambition you may be recommended hands on treatment or specific exercise or a combination of both. One without the other is often not enough. Our goal eventually is for you to be able to do all types of exercise in all planes of movement. In summary to get you into the best shape of your life and to be pain and injury free or at worst be able to manage the issue way better.

Osteopathy , Corrective Exercise, Mobility Training, Strength and Conditioning, Fat Loss, Balance and Agility, Flexibility and Stamina will all improve if you follow our program. If you can't make it in to see us we can also work with you virtually over Zoom or similar and also visit you at your home.

We can also provide you with specific follow along video exercise programs online via our App for you to follow in the gym or at home. We also have our own subscription video channel with hundreds of follow along videos on demand to help you with almost any goal or issue.


Our Program

Our program provides a powerful approach to your musculoskeletal health and fitness questions and can involve just one or several of the disciplines described on this website working together in a combined approach to provide you with a successful outcome.

The development of this multi-disciplinary environment has been the key factor in our success in the past, and has come from consistently applying our philosophy and principles to our approach. We have integrated the different disciplines into our framework after many years of experience and an honest appraisal of what it takes to provide successful outcomes for every client/patient - even in the most challenging situations.

We understand that it takes time to change the habits of a lifetime, but we will provide you with the support framework to make change and achieve true health and fitness within the shortest time period possible.

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