Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based upon the following:

1. Education
Educating you on what truly constitutes a healthy diet
Healthy food is based upon real, whole foods; what we are genetically designed to eat and have eaten throughout the past 3.5 million years of evolution.

2. Identification
The identification of lifestyle factors that are damaging health. We then provide coaching on how to change this.

3. The Right Type of Exercise Regime
This is exercise that will return someone to optimum strength and performance.

4. Intervention
The intervention of osteopathic or physiotherapy treatment
To deal with musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

It's also to do with a life philosophy based on following correct principles, and acting with integrity every step of the way. This overriding themes runs through the company from top to bottom and governs everything that we do. Yes, we are highly qualified and recognised by some of the best organisations in the world - the British School of Osteopathy, the CHEK Institute, Chartered Institute of Physiotherapists and Poliquin Education amongst others - but it is the principled application of this technical expertise that also makes us stands out; this is what you will experience with Ambition.

The actual mechanics of someone achieving success can sometimes be quite simple; however, making it happen through coaching and support is the key challenge, and it is our passion for this that brings us more successful outcomes.


Our Programme

Our programme provides a powerful approach to your musculoskeletal health and fitness questions and can involve just one or several of the disciplines described on this website working together in a combined approach to provide you with a successful outcome.

The development of this multi-disciplinary environment has been the key factor in our success in the past, and has come from consistently applying our philosophy and principles to our approach. We have integrated the different disciplines into our framework after many years of experience and an honest appraisal of what it takes to provide successful outcomes for every client/patient - even in the most challenging situations.

We understand that it takes time to change the habits of a lifetime, but we will provide you with the support framework to make change and achieve true health and fitness within the shortest time period possible.

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