Personal Training

Our Approach

We are not restricted by one approach to training or health and/or to one school of thought as to how people should train. We have completed certifications with most of the great educators worldwide (Chek, Poliquin, Gary Gray) and so we understand that there are many ways to achieve a goal.

The Ambition approach to health and training is based upon the best solution for you and your aspirations. This allows us to work with a variety of clients of different abilities and age groups and to provide a whole range of advice and training methods - and variation in training helps keep you interested and motivated. This approach also allows us to work in a whole range of different types of environments; in fact we could train most people without any equipment whatsoever (although we recognise that equipment is very useful and can improve results, so we do still use it frequently).

Our Advantage

The key to providing you with exactly what you need is understanding how the mind and body functions in daily life and then planning a health and exercise program around this. An in-depth knowledge of functional anatomy and the hormonal system gives us this great advantage over our competitors. At Ambition our trainers are frequently assessed both informally and formally to make sure that the best possible service is provided, so there is little danger of you receiving inappropriate advice or exercise from any of our team.

How it Works

We offer an initial complimentary consultation where we can discuss your goals and outline our achievement strategy. As our personal training program operates within a clinical environment we may recommend a multi-disciplinary approach; as you can see, we cover many different disciplines with our Health Through Optimum Movement Program. All of these services have earned their place in our health and fitness arsenal, and it is often essential to combine training with treatment and advice to get the best results.

Personal Trainers at Vauxhall Road, Westminster

We have both male and female personal trainers. Here's a quick introduction to some of our team...

Personal Training

Jeff Murray

CHEK Level 2 Practitioner, NASM-certified
Teaching classes of mixed ability convinced Jeff that very few people make real progress working on a teaching ratio of 1 to 30, so he became 100% involved in personal training in 1993 and since then has continued to develop his skills in this area.

Personal Training

Kinga Jonczyk

MSc Physical Education, CHEK-certified practitioner
Kinga's varied qualifications and interests (CKT level 2, ASA swim instructor, ITEC massage therapist) have led to her developing a holistic approach to correct posture and movement.

Personal Training

Fane Hervey

REPs Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
Has competed at national level in middle-distance athletics and cross-country running. He has been teaching traditional martial arts and fitness for close to 10 years.