Corrective Exercise

Not getting the results your hard work deserves? If your body is out of balance it's unlikely you ever will. Whether your training results are poor, you suffer from back pain or you have physically compensated because of an injury, Corrective Exercise will allow your body to return to balance and achieve better results. The one thing an 80 year old adult and a 22 year old professional athlete have in common is that they would both benefit from Corrective Exercise.

Movement originates from posture and the overall structural integrity of the body, so if your posture/structure is less than optimal your movement patterns will be inefficient meaning that you will obtain decreased results from any training program - and possibly also pain.

There are many classic problem patterns that your body may display such as rounded shoulders, forward head, flat back, flat feet, knock knees, excessive lumbar spinal curve... the list is endless! All of these patterns, if allowed to persist and progress, will eventually result in pain, injury and poor performance. Corrective Exercise will tighten up those muscles that are long and weak while stretching out those that are tight and overactive. So, whether you are a casual gym user, office worker, recovering from an injury or are a competitive athlete, Corrective Exercise will benefit you and allow you to achieve improved function and performance.

Our Corrective Exercise Specialists

Corrective Exercise

Jeff Murray

CHEK Level 2 Practitioner, NASM-certified
Jeff has over thirty years' experience and undertakes continual professional development with those at the cutting edge of corrective exercise to broaden his knowledge. With personal experience of serious injury, he's passionate about helping people recover mobility and get fit for life.

Corrective Exercise

Cecille Charrier

NASM-certified Personal Trainer
Cecille has a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, and originally qualified as a massage therapist; she has helped competitors in the London Marathon and Indoor Games.

Corrective Exercise

Kinga Jonczyk

MSc Physical Education, CHEK-certified practitioner
Kinga has a wide range of qualifications (including CKT level 2, ASA swim instructor, and ITEC massage therapist) and shows clients how correct posture and movement are at the heart of injury prevention and rehabilitation.