Corrective Exercise

Not getting the results your hard work deserves? If your body is out of balance it's unlikely you ever will. Whether your training results are poor, you suffer from back pain or you have physically compensated because of an injury, Corrective Exercise will allow your body to return to balance and achieve better results. The one thing an 80 year old adult and a 22 year old professional athlete have in common is that they would both benefit from Corrective Exercise.

Movement originates from posture and the overall structural integrity of the body, so if your posture/structure is less than optimal your movement patterns will be inefficient meaning that you will obtain decreased results from any training program - and possibly also pain.

There are many classic problem patterns that your body may display such as rounded shoulders, forward head, flat back, flat feet, knock knees, excessive lumbar spinal curve... the list is endless! All of these patterns, if allowed to persist and progress, will eventually result in pain, injury and poor performance. Corrective Exercise will tighten up those muscles that are long and weak while stretching out those that are tight and overactive. So, whether you are a casual gym user, office worker, recovering from an injury or are a competitive athlete, Corrective Exercise will benefit you and allow you to achieve improved function and performance.

Our Corrective Exercise Specialists

Jeff Murray

Personal Training Director, Corrective Exercise and Rehab Specialist

I have now over 30 years experience in this field ( started in 1990) and have probably more experience of anyone on the planet in working with people one to one. On the basis of 20 to 30 hours a week and working 48 weeks a year since that date I have accumulated between 30,000 and 46,000 hours experience. As I write I am now 60 years of age, married with 4 kids and very active and participate in exercise most days. I have currently none of the age related illness we are led to believe we should expect and feel well. I take no medication and have never been recommended any. I haven't have a need to visit the doctors for as long as I can remember except for injuries incurred falling on the Alps. I regularly push weights, train Bodyweight exercises , do mobility and flexibility training, cycle every other day, practise Muay Thai and spar 2-5 times a week, ski 30 days a year, Kayak all summer, enjoy a glass of wine, enjoy food and stay relaxed. All of this may be good luck and/or good genetics but there is sold evidence out there that trying to do the right things regarding food, exercise and lifestyle can make an enormous difference to health outcomes. I'm very grateful for my good health and I'll also keep my finger crossed fi now and also keep doing the right things. I'd like to help you achieve what I have over the years and beyond.


Corrective Exercise
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Corrective Exercise

Harry Clemson

Senior Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist and Rehab Specialist

Harry has been playing rugby all his life and with that came a natural exposure to the world of health and fitness from an early age. Playing rugby at high levels in both union and league Harry decided push into the field of health and fitness while remaining competitive in a variety of sports. Harry has competed in powerlifting and became a British Champion in his weight category and won the overall best lifter in the competition amongst other competitive endeavours.  He has worked successfully with a huge range of people including competitive Bodybuilders and Fitness Models, Rugby Players and Fighters, Runners and Cyclists, World champion Powerlifters, Basketball players and Olympic lifters. Harry's true calling was found quite by accident when asked if he could help a patient with a late stage of M.S (Multiple sclerosis) whom was struggling to find a way to fight the progression of their M.S. Harry was able to put the years of high level sports related training and anatomical study together with his unique way of thinking to create an effective way to not only halt the symptoms of the M.S but to reverse the effects. Since then Harry has been improving his craft and successfully working with patients with varying neurological issues such as M.S - Stroke Victims, Parkinson's and chronic pain.

• Strength and Conditioning Training
• Sports Specific Training
• Multiple sclerosis (M.S)
• Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention
• Posture and Ergonomics
• Pain Management
• Calisthenics
• Fat Loss

Corrective Exercise

Giles Wingrove- Senior Personal Trainer and Fat Loss Specialist

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Fat Loss Specialist
Body Weight Training Specialist
Weight Training and Lifting Specialist

Giles has been a keen martial artist for many years, studying karate as a teenager before getting into Muay-Thai in the last few years. He has travelled to Thailand on 3 occasions to study under local masters.
Since completing a YMCA qualification in Personal Training Giles has had great success with a multitude of clients for both fat loss and muscle gain. Giles also holds a qualification in TRX training and nutrition.
Through a great interest in diet, nutrition and delicious food, Giles has become a keen Primal/Paleo chef, often giving clients practical cooking lessons, tips and recipes as well as spending hours in the kitchen experimenting.

Corrective Exercise

Cecille Charrier

Senior Personal Trainer, Virtual Trainer

Cecile Charrier

BSc Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention
Swedish and Sports Massage Therapist

Cecile Charrier BSc Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention NASM Certified Personal Trainer Swedish Massage Therapist Sports Massage TherapistPersonal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Massage Therapist Cecile started at Ambition during her university placement in 2009 and has been working there since then. Now graduated, she divides her time between her clients and making sure the clinic is running smoothly. Studying Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention allows her to effectively assess clients through postural and functional ranges of motion while being able to apply clinical skills such as IFT, ultra sounds and tapping/strapping. Originally qualified as a massage therapist, university extended her skill base with techniques such asmyofacial release, trigger point therapy and strain/counterstrain, which she has put in practice in sports events such as the London Marathon, London Indoor games and different triathlons. Cecile combines these qualifications with her Certified Personal Training diploma (NASM, level3) to design specific programs to meet the clients' needs and goals such as postural correction, injury prevention, weight management, and general fitness. Cecile also takes pride into educating her clients about the importance of moving functionally while giving the motivation and extra push during the session.

Corrective Exercise

Kinga Jonczyk

MSc Physical Education, CHEK-certified practitioner
Kinga Jonczyk- Exercise Specialist, Massage Therapist, Swimming Coach, and Kettle Bell Coach MSc Physical Education, Chek Coach, CHEK Practitioner Level 1 Kettle Bell Coach CKT level 2, ITEC Massage Therapist, Swim Instructor ASA I am an exercise specialist and massage therapist with Ambition Health and Performance Clinic. I have been working in the health and fitness industry since 2000. Moving and physical activity has been always something natural to me. I have been involved in many sports activities, in some as an athlete. From my experience and education I have acquired a holistic and personalised approach to helping clients achieve their goals in health, fitness/sport and rehabilitation. My scope of practise is in the assessment of the movement, performance and function by applying the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology and motor learning, and management (recommendation and providing a plan of action) of disorders/musculoskeletal imbalances to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement, function and performance in the areas of sport, recreation, work or exercise.