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I have worked with most of the team at Ambition over the past five years and have found their methods enormously beneficial to me. I have spinal cord damage which affects my walking and hand function, along with many other complications. I can honestly say that without the fantastic work of all the team - which involves osteopathy, massage therapy and podiatry - my ability to lead a normal and sometimes hectic life would not be possible. Their ethos is simple and can be adapted to suit your individual requirements, be it long term damage like mine or a painful sports injury. I highly recommend an assessment with them, you won't be sorry!

Karen Gallacher

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Injury RehabilitationInjury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation

I would like to say that the professional support and encouragement given to me by Cecile enabled me to build confidence and improve my ability to walk after my severe stroke. Her patience in treating my neuro/physio problems has improved my standard of mobility and it is sad that the NHS does not provide these first class facilities.
Jakki Perodeau
I ruptured my Achilles tendon playing football in 2008 and, being familiar with their work, had no hesitation in approaching the team to help with my rehabilitation. Their innovative and detailed approach meant that I was able to make a full recovery within six months. Not only that, my overall fitness and posture also improved as a result. I have no hesitation in recommending Ambition for their expertise and professionalism.
Steven Grange

Our experience in the field of injury rehabilitation has been a breathtaking one that has developed not overnight but over a consistent period of application since 2001 when we first established our clinic and then combined osteopathy with personal training.

Our unique model was established and further consolidated in response to what we felt were the poor results patients were achieving through the classic treatment only route and the lack of strength and conditioning and rehabilitation exercise options offered at the time. Combining osteopathy with personal training was a masterstroke of its time and spawned the profession of corrective exercise and our injury rehabilitation service now offered.

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