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Daiza's treatments had a major impact on my stress level, foot / back problems and general well being. Since I started in November, I am now much fitter and feel healthier. I would recommend Daiza and Ambition Health to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and lifestyle.

Herve Bavazzano

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I am a martial arts trainer and a strict vegetarian and I originally went to Daiza thinking that he would confirm that I was extremely healthy and fit. To my surprise, he informed me that I was full of toxins, and actually my body would have more energy and work better once these toxins were removed. I did confess that despite being extremely fit I did feel quite tired and sluggish – I put this down to my hectic life! Once the toxins were removed, my body reacted as though I had just detoxed. It was amazing! The treatment was extremely effective and over the course of a few weeks I definitely felt more energetic, and my body felt stronger than ever. I now regularly see Daiza where he helps me specifically with a lower back problem that I’ve always suffered from. Not only does he relieve the problem, he also gives me tips and exercises to help maintain comfort, therefore preventing future injuries. I also find reflexology extremely helpful with stress management, and I know that if I'm in a bad mood, Daiza will ensure I leave feeling happy and destressed. I have since passed on many clients to see Daiza and would highly recommend him to anybody.
Natasha Solomon Barclay

Reflexology is an ancient and effective therapy to bring out natural healing power from within the body with restorative, preventative and regenerative benefits for the physical and hormonal system.

All the reflex points are mapped out by nature in the foot which correspond to different parts (organs and glands) of the body. Through living stressful lifestyles the activities of some gland or organ may become sluggish due to an accumulation of fatigue and toxins, and the normal contraction and relaxation of cells may be impaired. Should this be the case, the nerve reflex point to that particular organ or gland which we find located in the foot will be tender, telling us in no uncertain terms that trouble is there. This applies to many issues ranging from backache to kidney malfunction.

Reflexology is an effective energy recovery therapy. Every part of the body, organs, tissues, muscles, has its own energy sustained by oxygen and nutrients delivered by the blood. Energy level is lowered when smooth blood circulation is interrupted. So the answer may lie in stimulation on the nerve reflex points of the foot that correspond to specific affected parts of the body to reclaim smooth blood circulation. Stimulation of these reflexes removes crystalline deposits and improves overall blood circulation and helps restore normal functions of corresponding organs and glands.

We have introduced Reflexology to our Health Through Optimum Movement Program with great success stories coming from our customers. This discipline is commonly used in association with Personal Training, Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation Exercise.

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