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Top 10 Damaging Nutrition Myths

There's so much misleading, bad, and downright wrong advice out there on diet - and you'll get it from the media, from our government and even from health professionals. Here's ten things you've probably been told at some point - and all of them are myths that are harming people's health. Please read, and share with as many people as you can. 

Added on 23.05.2014

Short-Term Detox Diets are, at best, ineffective

Don't detox. The principles of AD (alternative detox) make no sense from a scientific perspective and there is no clinical evidence to support them. read more

Added on 19.05.2014

Myth: The rise in obesity levels is due to people exercising less

It's a popular misconception that people who are overweight are just lazy and need to exercise more. This, unfortunately, is not the whole story. read more

Added on 28.10.2013

Myth: It's better to eat little and often to top up blood sugar

A popular diet mantra is to eat little and often - or 'graze'. This is extremely unlikely to help with fat loss, and could carry other health risks. read more

Added on 21.10.2013

Myth: Fat clogs arteries, and meat is full of saturated fat

You must have heard that fat clogs arteries; unfortunately it's just not true. Learn how fat (and cholesterol) have been found guilty by association. read more

Added on 07.10.2013

Myth: Butter and lard are bad for you, margarine is better

It's unfortunately part of our national consciousness that butter is 'naughty', and lard is even worse. How proud the marketers of margarine must be. read more

Added on 30.09.2013

Myth: Saturated fat causes heart disease

Our government and media constantly broadcast a message that 'saturated fat will kill you' - yet this has just not been demonstrated to be true. read more

Added on 23.09.2013

Myth: We have to eat fibre to have healthy bowels

Our Food Standards Agency says that most people "don't eat enough fibre" and should "increase the amount of starchy foods" in their diets. read more

Added on 16.09.2013

Myth: Fruit is packed with nutrition

When considering essential vitamins and minerals, fruit loses hands down to animal produce and vegetables - even when it comes to vitamin C! read more

Added on 09.09.2013

Myth: 'Five a Day' of Fruit and Vegetables will help you lose weight

Probably the best known and most widely promoted nutrition message of the modern age - yet it has no scientific basis when it comes to weight loss! read more

Added on 26.08.2013
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