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'Live Long, Strong Heart' Action Program

...with the minimum medication necessary!

What would you say if we were to tell you that you could transform your life and reduce your risk of heart disease and other illnesses (as measured by your own GP) by eating the right food, taking the right exercise, and addressing lifestyle issues? 

Since 2011 we have worked with people who have done just that. Within one to three months, blood and other tests have shown incredible improvements. Here are some examples:

  • reduction or elimination of high blood pressure;
  • obesity diagnosis withdrawn;
  • lower diabetes risk, even type 2 diabetes reversal;
  • reduced blood glucose levels (HAb1c) and blood triglyceride levels;
  • heart disease risk reduced from 20% plus to below 10%;
  • poor blood cholesterol panel improved or reversed;
  • C Reactive Protein-inflammation reduced or eliminated.

These irrefutable and documented health improvements have then led to a reduction or elimination of medication (such as statins) by people's own doctors.

Our Approach - the basics

In the last 25 years, we have seen that in most cases ill-health can be prevented, reduced and even reversed with:

  1. the correct diet (and by 'diet' we don't mean something temporary - we mean changing the way you eat forever);
  2. the correct exercise; and
  3. by making certain lifestyle changes and improvements.

Coaching is key

It isn’t just the knowing and the saying that makes this work - it is thorough teaching, training, coaching and support - all tailored to YOU - that makes this work. This is the key, and this is what we can do for you, just as we've done it for many, many others.

We apply the principles of accountability and responsibility consistently via regular health coaching appointments. We need a commitment from you, and we need you to be prepared to work hard at times, but the result is fun, vitality, happiness, increased self-esteem - and a long and illness-free life.

What do I have to do?

This isn't 'boot camp', nor is it 'elite-level'. A total beginner can make fantastic progress. All you have to do is follow a very simple program. It is not complicated, but it is original.

  • It doesn’t focus on calorie restriction and you won't be hungry.
  • It doesn't push you to the point of physical collapse and you won't risk injury through over-exertion.
  • It doesn’t blame you - but it will hold you accountable.
  • It is tailored to you, your state of health, your age, and your dietary requirements. One size does not fit all!

How does it work? By making it simple!

  1. Consultation with a coach, or medical doctor if required.
  2. Examination of latest Blood Lipid Profile - cholesterol, triglycerides etc.
  3. Body composition, weight and circumference measurements.
  4. Examination of 'Food, Exercise and Lifestyle' diary.
  5. Change the food you eat - forever.
  6. Begin bodyweight system physical exercise program.
  7. Change damaging lifestyle factors.


Re-measurement of Blood Lipid Profile, body composition, circumference and weight.


Let’s get ambitious about how healthy and strong you can be!
Let Food, Exercise and Lifestyle be your Medicine.

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