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Our clients say:

Thanks to Lee's assessment of my injury and quick recuperation programme I was able to run the London marathon. Lee identified the problem and fully explained to me the cause and what I needed to do to put it right. His treatment programme was spot-on. I can certainly recommend Lee as a first class professional.

Jerry (53), accountant

I came to see Marc at Ambition complaining of a pain in my foot, which I'd been experiencing since around April 2013 (so over 6 months of daily pain), not really alleviated by any of the advice I had received from my GP (stretches, good shoes or painkillers). I didn't know what to expect - I'd never visited a physiotherapist or osteopath before - and I was apprehensive that I'd simply be told to wait out the pain, or be told that I was facing a lengthy, expensive course of treatment. Neither proved the case. I was immediately impressed by Marc's interest in the history of the pain in my foot, his own thorough attention to detail in examining the issue, and the way in which he presented a professional and also highly personable approach to meeting me and setting up our working relationship. His interest in my daily activities and lifestyle meant that he could offer advice and support that fitted with my routine, rather than proscribing all sorts of exercises that I simply couldn't fit in without rising at 5am every morning. He taught me simple, effective stretches to alleviate the pain, shared tricks and techniques with me, and gave me soft tissue massage and acupuncture on my legs. Throughout he was detailed, clear and intent on providing me with the necessary information and confidence to help my foot recover. He was also upfront in explaining how much treatment I should expect (4 sessions) and how long I could expect recovery to take. From feeling down because of pain and as though I would simply limp along suffering, I felt transformed into feeling in control and confident. I can honestly say I left my first meeting with Marc Dunn with a spring in my step. Absolutely fantastic help and support.

Frank Brinkley

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Osteopathy at our Central London Clinic

Went to Ambition with chronic back pain caused by a bulging disc. Very attentive and intelligent treatment. The issue was dealt with very effectively and it was also a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.
Louise Cole
I have been seeing Annabelle and Harriet for massage and osteopathy respectively. Both of whom are amazing and I have only great things to say. I always leave them feeling re-energised and revitalised.
Emilia Bairamova
I was referred to Marc Dunn by my personal trainer because of recurrent pain in the muscles and tendons of my left hip. Marc did deep massage and (painless) acupuncture on my hip and advised on follow-up exercises for me to do. The acupuncture solved the pain in the tendons immediately. After two sessions, the muscle pain has almost completely disappeared. I am very pleased with Marc’s treatment and would strongly recommend him.
Sarah Baxter
Marc has made a real difference to my well-being over the last year. I went to him in a lot of back pain and he quickly got to the root of the problem and rapidly improved things. I'm sorry I don't get to see much of him these days, but his advice about how to maintain my physical health for myself has served me so well that the treatments are rarely necessary these days. If someone needs to see a very capable Osteopath who takes a real interest in his patients, I would definitely recommend they go to see Marc at Ambition.
James Fenton

We have successfully treated thousands of patients since we started in 2001. During this time we have had the constant clinical consistency of two (now) Senior Osteopaths - Toby Borraidale and Harriet Johnson - who are now ably supported by Lee Harvey and Marc Dunn.

Our Approach

Our Code of Practice is to aim to solve the problem within three appointments. Having said that, our goal is not to provide a short term fix, but a long term solution to the problem so that you don't need us anymore beyond an occasional check up.

Our mission is to find a fully comprehensive and permanent solution to your problem. Initially that will of course involve assessment and manual therapy, but also Corrective Exercise. We want to empower you; you will initially take part in the process, but eventually you will take control of it. We provide you with the treatment, the know-how, the program and the support to achieve previously unknown levels of health and performance.

Three Stage Treatment Plan

For musculo-skeletal Injury and pain we combine the treatment of osteopathy with corrective exercise through to outstanding physical conditioning using our Body Weight Training Program. By following this treatment we find that in most cases injury and pain are gone forever; at worst they become easily manageable. 

Our Osteopaths at Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Westminster SW1

Harriet Johnson, BSc(Hons) Osteopathy

Harriet Johnson, BSc(Hons) Osteopathy

Registered Osteopath, member of the British Osteopathic Association and the Osteopathic Sports Care Association. Graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2001. Practicing fitness instructor since 1994, also a qualified massage therapist.
Marc Dunn, MSc Osteopathy

Marc Dunn, MSc Osteopathy

Already had eight years' experience treating clients with a range of problems from general aches and pains to complex sporting injuries prior to obtaining Masters Degree. Passionate about good posture, Marc incorporates deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, joint mobilisation and other techniques.
Jordan Clemson, M.Ost, ND

Jordan Clemson, M.Ost, ND

Jordan is a Masters' graduate of the renowned British College of Osteopathic Medicine. With a keen interest in rugby and martial arts, and ten years' experience as a personal trainer and NHS referral specialist, he is equally at home whether working with sports people and atheletes or helping patients recover from major illness or surgery.
Sybil Roskil, Osteopath

Sybil Roskil

Sybil was pursuing a career in television until osteopathy cured her of chronic neck and back pain following a car accident many years before and inspired her to switch professions. Using a combination of soft tissue, mobilization and manipulation techniques, careful corrective exercise, dietary advice and even acupuncture and kinesio taping, she tailors each treatment to the needs and aims of her patients.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a safe and natural approach to healthcare. Patients may be treated for health problems ranging from back pain to arthritis of the elderly. Osteopathy is an established, recognised system of diagnosis and treatment that places its main emphasis on the structural integrity of the body. It is distinctive in that it recognises that most of the pain and disability we suffer stems from abnormalities in the function of the body's structure as well as from damage caused to it by disease.

What do Osteopaths Do?

Osteopaths use their hands both to investigate the underlying cause of pain and to carry out treatment using a variety of manipulative techniques. These may include muscle and connective tissue stretching, rhythmic joint movements or high velocity thrust techniques to improve the range of movement of a joint. Gentle releasing techniques are often used when treating acute pain, children or elderly patients.

What Compaints can be treated using Osteopathy?

Related complaints treated by osteopaths:

  • Lower back (with or without sciatica).
  • Muscle and ligament injuries.
  • Knee pain (including mal-tracking).
  • Shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries.
  • Foot and ankle complaints.
  • Functional complaints.
  • Reduced joint mobility (e.g. lower back stiffness)
  • Mechanical limitations (e.g. frozen shoulder, arthritis).
  • Postural problems at work
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Jumper's knee
  • Tendosynovitis and tendonitis
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