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Our clients say:

Kinga is a highly skilled multidisciplinary sports professional. I have been coming to Kinga for over two years and have found the corrective exercise, training and advice invaluable. As I do a variety of training her wide range of experience and knowledge suits me perfectly, and she is very focused, honest and caring. Through Kinga you will receive excellent conditioning, corrective exercise for rehabilitation of injuries and addressing any imbalances, advice on improving posture, training and nutrition, and learn to train with good form, this is something you can't do by yourself... you will find sessions challenging and rewarding. Kinga's always there for me with advice and support which I value greatly. I'm going to continue and am excited to see what I can achieve. Thank you Kinga and Ambition.


After a gruelling year of major surgery, chemotherapy and radio therapy, I went to Ambition Health and Performance. With great knowledge and patience, they have worked with me on a step-by-step program which has enabled me to resume all my normal activities. Much to my surprise, symptoms (specifically joint pain and numbness - which the doctors and physiotherapists advised me to learn to live with) have disappeared. After six months, I feel and see a huge difference. And I can wear clothes that haven't fitted for years!

London Lady

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Corrective ExerciseCorrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise

I've been training with Cecile of Ambition Fitness for over a year and a half, while training with her I got stronger, more flexible and my posture and balance improved a lot. At Ambition Fitness there is a lot of emphasis on optimum movement, while doing the exercises Cecile is constantly checking and correcting my posture and movements. The exercises are challenging and varying so I never get bored of doing the same thing. My fitness and posture improved a lot since I started training with Ambition Fitness, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Zsolt Laposa
I was sent to Ambition by my osteopath, who felt they could help with the problem while he sorted out the symptoms. After three months of going twice a week my friends all tell me I look different - and I feel different. I have worked quite hard in the sessions but never hurt the next day - something I never managed in previous visits to gyms! Sorting out 40 years of misuse, knee and back surgery will still take a while but I'm on a good path.
Roderick Wingrove

Not getting the results your hard work deserves? If your body is out of balance it's unlikely you ever will. Whether your training results are poor, you suffer from back pain or you have physically compensated because of an injury, Corrective Exercise will allow your body to return to balance and achieve better results. The one thing an 80 year old adult and a 22 year old professional athlete have in common is that they would both benefit from Corrective Exercise.

Movement originates from posture and the overall structural integrity of the body, so if your posture/structure is less than optimal your movement patterns will be inefficient meaning that you will obtain decreased results from any training program - and possibly also pain.

There are many classic problem patterns that your body may display such as rounded shoulders, forward head, flat back, flat feet, knock knees, excessive lumbar spinal curve... the list is endless! All of these patterns, if allowed to persist and progress, will eventually result in pain, injury and poor performance. Corrective Exercise will tighten up those muscles that are long and weak while stretching out those that are tight and overactive. So, whether you are a casual gym user, office worker, recovering from an injury or are a competitive athlete, Corrective Exercise will benefit you and allow you to achieve improved function and performance.

Our Corrective Exercise Specialists

Jeff Murray, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Jeff Murray, CHEK Level 2 Practitioner, NASM-certified

Jeff has over thirty years' experience and undertakes continual professional development with those at the cutting edge of corrective exercise to broaden his knowledge. With personal experience of serious injury, he's passionate about helping people recover mobility and get fit for life.

Cecille Charrier

Cecille Charrier, NASM-certified Personal Trainer

Cecille has a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, and originally qualified as a massage therapist; she has helped competitors in the London Marathon and Indoor Games.  

Kinga Jonczyk

Kinga Jonczyk, MSc Physical Education, CHEK-certified practitioner

Kinga has a wide range of qualifications (including CKT level 2, ASA swim instructor, and ITEC massage therapist) and shows clients how correct posture and movement are at the heart of injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

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