Meet The Team

Jeff Murray


Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, High Performance Conditioning


BA(Hons), CHEK Practitioner Level 2, NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Jeff is the owner of Ambition Health & Performance. Involved in the health and fitness industry since 1990, he's seen many developments (some good, some not so good) during this time. He has kept to his core values: (1) to always to find the best solution to every challenge encountered, and (2) to make a positive change to every aspect of health that he can with whoever he comes into contact with.

Jeff set up the Ambition Health and Performance Clinic in 2002 and since then has worked with thousands of patients in the field of Corrective Exercise / Exercise Rehabilitation after injury and or pain reduction / elimination.

Jeff has extensive experience of training clients from all walks of life and takes particular pleasure in working with people who are starting from the very beginning and who have never tried to make a real change to their health or even exercised before. He enjoys turning these situations on their head with the end result being a phenomenal health and fitness change for the client for the rest of their life. Jeff's approach involves the application of the 'Six Steps to Success' Program which works on the following components of health: exercise, diet, lifestyle, sleep and stress management.

He also enjoys working with regular exercisers who are in need of a new challenge and takes a particular interest in bodyweight training or Calisthenics.

Jeff and his team have achieved almost unbelievable success with their innovative approach in the area of fat loss through his direct no-nonsense approach which involves a highly nutritious diet that is free of sugar, grain and processed food plus the application of regular exercise sessions. People on the program have also recorded blood sugar stabilisation, reduced or eliminated diabetes risk, seen high blood pressure disappear, arthritis pain go and cholesterol levels normalise "almost effortlessly" in the words of one client. If you would like to lose up to 8kg in three months, never feel hungry and look great, just get in contact with Jeff at


"The results we achieve within the clinic are phenomenal, marrying together osteopathy, physiotherapy and corrective exercise. This approach is rare: resolution for health, fitness, injury and posture problems is normally attempted through a visit to only one therapist. Our multi-disciplinary approach works far, far better!"