Meet The Team

Toni Platon


Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist


BTEC Sports and Remedial Massage, ITEC Indian Massage, ITEC Holistic Massage


From his childhood to early adulthood, Toni underwent a succession of surgical interventions on his spine and lower limbs, accompanied by years of massage and physiotherapy. It was from his own experience that Toni came to develop a keen interest in remedial massage therapy and other soft tissue bodyworks.

By using bodywork techniques such as Muscle Energy Technique, Soft Tissue Release and other classic muscle strokes, Toni will help relax, tone and stimulate your muscles, relieve pain, reduce muscle fatigue and spasms, and tackle muscular imbalances. All of this will assist you in your quest for optimum health and fitness.

Specialisations: sports and remedial massage; deep and soft tissue release; neuromuscular technique; muscular related back and shoulder complaints; muscular pain; therapeutic relaxing massage; hopi ear candling; cupping; on-site acupressure massage.


"I know what pain and physical discomfort are; I have been dealing with them since I was 13 years old! When somebody comes to me with a physical discomfort, chances are I have experienced it! My best tool? Empathy! Everybody can benefit from Massage therapy. Regardless of any injury or quest for peak performance and fitness, everyone can benefit from a relaxing body massage to help unwind and recharge batteries to face the world again!"