Meet The Team

Cecile Charrier


Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Swedish & Sports Massage Therapist


BSc Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Cecile started at Ambition during her university placement in 2009 and has been working here since. She originally qualified as a massage therapist, but university extended her skill base with techniques and clinical skills such as IFT, ultrasound and tapping/strapping, myofacial release, trigger point therapy and strain/counterstrain - all of which she has since put into practice in sports events such as the London Marathon, London Indoor Games and different triathlons. Now graduated, she divides her time between clients and making sure the clinic is running smoothly.


"I design specific programs to meet my clients' needs and goals, with particular attention to postural correction, injury prevention, weight management and general fitness. I take pride in educating clients about the importance of moving functionally, while giving them motivation and an extra push during each session."