Meet The Team

Harry Clemson


Personal Trainer, Corrective and Rehab Trainer, Massage Therapist, Food Exercise & Lifestyle Coach, Trainee Osteopath


Level 3 Personal Trainer / GP referral / Outdoor Fitness / Sports Conditioning / Nutrition, Soft Massage Qualification


Harry has been playing rugby all his life and with that came a natural exposure to the world of health and fitness from an early age. Playing rugby at high levels in both union and league Harry decided push into the field of health and fitness while remaining competitive in a variety of sports. Harry has competed in powerlifting and became a British Champion in his weight category and won the overall best lifter in the competition amongst other competitive endeavours. He has worked successfully with a huge range of people including competitive Bodybuilders and Fitness Models, Rugby Players and Fighters, Runners and Cyclists, World champion Powerlifters, Basketball players and Olympic lifters.

Harry's true calling was found quite by accident when asked if he could help a patient with a late stage of M.S (Multiple sclerosis) whom was struggling to find a way to fight the progression of their M.S. Harry was able to put the years of high level sports related training and anatomical study together with his unique way of thinking to create an effective way to not only halt the symptoms of the M.S but to reverse the effects. Since then Harry has been improving his craft and successfully working with patients with varying neurological issues such as M.S - Stroke Victims, Parkinson's and chronic pain.


• Strength and Conditioning Training
• Sports Specific Training
• Multiple sclerosis (M.S)
• Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention
• Posture and Ergonomics
• Pain Management
• Calisthenics
• Fat Loss

"Modern medicine is extending the length of our lives but is failing to keep us strong, fit and able to enjoy our lives. That is where I come in to help my patients realise their potential and improve their physical and mental health."