Meet The Team

Amani Kaite


Nutrition and Lifestyle Therapist


Nutrition, Dip. Nutritional Therapy (2019)


Amani Kaite, Dip. Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, Personalized Nutrition & Sports Nutrition, Dip. Nutritional Therapy (2019)

My name is Amani and I am a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. I began my professional career as an Account Manager in the Tech industry in Dublin and London. Suffering with long term asthma, I started researching alternative solutions to inhalers and daily tablets. Along the way, I found my true calling and qualified as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. I began coaching professionals in tech companies who were suffering with weight problems as a result of stress, gut issues and unhealthy diet. My experience in fast paced companies helped me identify the main health challenges that most busy professionals in London face today. I am now working full time as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and I also completing my clinical training in Nutritional Therapy (2019).