Get Rid of Back Pain Forever

Get Rid of Back Pain Forever

Monday 13th January 2020
Jeff Murray

Here are 10 tips for the prevention and elimination of back pain.

1. Avoid slouching and rounded shoulders with forward heard posture. Sit and stand up straight.
2. Keep the spine mobile , stand up and extend your spine every 20 minutes. Do pelvis rotations as same.
3. Strengthen your back e.g. Birddog, opposite arm opposite leg from all 4 position.
4. Do 10 reps head retractions for every hour you spend at your desk.
5. Do 10 reps neck extension with 1 inch rotation either side for every hour you spend at your desk
6. Support your back in chair- use lumber support. Keep changing your position , stand up and walk around.
7. Learn to Squat and Bend with biomechanical efficiency
8. Stop working to failure in the Gym.
9. Do not overstretch your lower back, you will lengthen ligaments and make the spine unstable and painful.
10. Always exercise with good posture otherwise you train your body in to a bad posture.

If any of you have the following conditions do not follow this program without seeing us first. Conditions are sciatica , disc herniation; spinal stenosis , spondylylosis, spondylythesis.

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